Mining Bots

Could someone help me out with figuring something out? I have been mining in highsec and of course there are a bunch of Russian bots which ccp wont do anything about. Anyway i also noticed that when the Npc thugs come in they never attack any of the botting Orcas or Procurers in-fact they will fly from the other side of the belt just to attack me i have never witnessed the npcs attack anyone else is there something that the bots have that make them appear as less of a target?

Sorry if its a noob question i just don’t know.

Thanks guys

Meh, people are too quick to condemn others as bots. I mine in an Orca almost daily. I do it while I work, on a separate screen. It requires very little interaction, and I usually ignore others. Maybe CCP isn’t “doing anything” because they don’t assess there’s enough evidence to be accidentally banning innocent people?

Anyway, I don’t understand aggro, so I can’t help you there. Might be who is closest, who is doing more repping, who came in last, etc. Or maybe bots like bots.

If you think somebody is a bot then use the in-game report function.

NPCs select their targets randomly.

Also, just because others mine your precious asteroids or are from another country doesn’t mean they’re bots.

Thanks, we all have reported them and they are definitely bots and the fact that they are bots isn’t the question… can anyone please help?

All right.

Know some players use multiple accounts for mining. This, too, may seem like they’re bots when they’re not.

Another option is to tell CODE. … @Ima_Wreckyou can tell you more, I think.

How you figured out these are bots?
I wonder if that could come in handy for CCP too.

Look man… i really appreciate it but you need to drop the bot thing… i realize this is a painful subject for you but that’s not my question

But this is the fundamental thing here.

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I disagree. This is the fundamental thing here:

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Anyway, I would like to know what method was used to identify those.

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Thank you i’ll do that.

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After some thinking: if that are some secret methods, jut tell CCP, and nobody else, especially us here, because also botters could see it.

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No… There is no way to make a ship or character less likely to be actresses. It’s just luck.

The thread was probably irrecoverable the moment you uttered the B-word.

Okay Thank you so much!

Might standings towards the npc entity in question affect who they attack? They’re not bad, they’re just programmed that way my gopnik comrade.

No. Standings have no impact. Pirate rats will attack even if you have positive standings with the NPC faction.

Bots who operate in highsec often autodock if someone from CODE. enters local.

So another strategy is to put an alt into CODE. and just dock in the system where the bot is.

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Or just gank them with your main :laughing:

-convo them in local
-no response then open a private conversation
-no response then bump them
-keep bumping them (and get a better bump ship)
-focus all your efforts on getting a reaction. This is NOT harrassment, that requires a response, imho.
Pay careful attention to how they react.

Now come back with a combat ship. Nothing exposes a bot like being blown up or shot at.
If you want to know for sure if it’s a bot, don’t kill the pod. Curiously most of the bots I see will just keep warping their pods around like nothing happened! They will dock, undock, warp to belts & stations and just follow their silly scripts.

Oh, and do take screenshots and log names too. Then report them all to CCP.

That’s my favorite


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