Mine botting

OK , I get it, you don’t want to talk about my account directly, fine. Lets just bring up the fact that you have no reasonable means of judging what a bot is at this point. Toons aren’t being challenged in any certain way at the time of being reported, it’s not being investigated before you take action and yet your telling the player after the fact to be patient almost a week later while we investigate your “claim” of innocence. While in the end if we find we made a mistake we’ll reimburse you time for your troubles. What if your in a small clan and you’re one of 2 orcas for the group, do those members get any reimbursement for the inconvenience as well? What ccp is causing a bigger problem than they had with just the botting… this is basically a witch hunt now and your polices on handling it needs to be examined.

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–Gadget floats… is that good or bad?




Honestly. If the activity is so grindy and stupid a bot can do it as minimally as one can in Eve – just implement it in the game. IE: you used to have to press a button to swing a sword in some MMOs… Each time you swung the sword you had to press a button… So folks would hold it down, then they started using chip clips and mapping it to the edge of their keyboard, then someone wrote an autohotkey that just held the key down…

Do you see a pattern here?

We’re good at this stuff… Hell my keyboard itself might be able to be a decent bot if I write the macro correctly… Macros should make things easier, not completely break a mechanic in the game. If you can set your character to mine automatically (offline, cause let’s be real that’s what we would want) but the risk is someone can pod you and steal all your stuff? (or you can “safe logoff”) Why the hell wouldn’t you do that?

Now, running 10 bots all at once and organizing them all so you maximize mining output? Yeah that would be totally distinct from someone just using a game feature and also would be way higher signal for writing detections.

Maybe its because they grow weary of being bamboozled and have given up on trying to determine what is true and a lie.

You want to be challenged? If it looks like a duck…
Say a botter uses PLEX which they didn’t buy with real cash but botted the ISK. CCP loses twofold if it is really a bot. If the bot RMT’s,then all CCP has done is paid a botter twice for the same for the same violation. They allowed them to exist and create a real world profit and also paid the botter out of their own coffers. Do you understand that dilemma?

This isn’t sound logic. Pass it on down the chain. If it is a bot,then you owe me ISK for stealing what could have been mine. Especially if those Orcas are indeed part of the same botter.

What if CCP had never allowed the aspects that attracted botters?

Bots be bad and somehow,someway you have met that criteria.

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I do see a pattern and can only wonder. When will the insanity end and have a game be a game for the sake of being a game?

It begins with the proverbial"you".

What is that exactly you’re being good at? Think that through.

Everyone involved is complicit and the escalation doesn’t achieve the original goal,EVER.
Yup bots be bad.

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I don’t believe you. Your main character’s history is fishy. Bad fishy. It really looks bad.

You go from a HS mining pilot, to being sold on the market, to flying carriers in Omist, to losing ships to npc ships and then manually uploading the kills to zkill, as neither your char or your corp (NPC Viziam) is API linked. MANUALLY UPLOADED in January 2018.

I think they hammered you for the right reasons. I don’t believe you, your KB and history do not validate your story.
Take your 30 day timeout. Thou dost protest too much…


We, gamers are good at gaming systems. It’s literally part of being good at playing. I’m not saying me I’m saying that people writing their own bots and mining is a trivial next step. Which is bad for defenders, and an obvious (on purpose) from a game design perspective at this point in the game’s evolution.

Bots are basically automations that try and perform a task, the task is mindless already so folks tend to be close to optimal at it already. Finding the difference in mining between people and bots will be error prone.
And good bots will be fuzzy on the edges of good players. It’s a PITA to check for, since literally the optimal method is close as hell to the botted one.

You’re better off looking at other signal (how many times does this get alt, tabbed, is there any deviation between keystrokes and click timing, are the pixel locations all the same etc.) people who can think both sides will begin writing randomization into the areas where precision is an enemy and eventually the good bots are indistinguishable from humans.

The problem isn’t bots. It never has been. It’s been 12+ years of people botting eve and the game is still here. if you have a problem with mining… well now we could have a discussion.

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Botter tears = best tears


True, but also false.

Most of the botting programs in Eve seem to be rudimentary and can be discerned from real players without too much difficulty. It just takes some time to observe them and ‘poke’ them in a few different ways. Find the ‘tells’ and then expose them.

There are some advanced bots, but why, as you say, would you change something if it still works after 12+ years?

I hope they perma ban you for being a cheating, lying, dirty robot.

Robots are only good to sweep the floor or have sex with

See the other botting thread.

CCP should try some pro-active methods rather than only reactive methods regarding bots.



Botter comes to forums for a moan, and is then instantly called out by other players lol. I think he just reinforced his own ban.

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Wanda , just because I’m not a profound player doesn’t make me a bottor. Yes, this toon was bought ys ago, have no idea the history before. And unlike you ,I have real money that I can purchase real plex ,allowing to sell and get isk, purchase in-game contracts for ships and injectors.There is a difference, I do it all legitimately, according to the rules . But hey, you had to break apart my statement just to get your few words across, so who am I to judge you?

You have to understand that your claim of personal wealth and having spent it on EVE to buy characters, leads to suspicion of RMT or other violation of TOS/EULA.

not when you do it by the standards given

and buying 1 char is not a statement of multiple, get with reality, I’m being open. the char was bought on the market, I have since spent yrs and money further training him

Maybe only you here know the truth. It doesnt have to be what you write tho. CCP banned you because they had some reason and only they can unban you or reimburse you if this ban was applied to you by mistake. Community have nothing to do with it now. Some players could have reported you before, maybe even by mistake, we dont know. CCP should always investigate using their own tools because they are issuing bans, and only they can do something with it.

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Wanda , I am so sorry but your statement is dumb as *uck.