To many mining bots on ice systems

I have a problem, ice mining boots on Gallente systems (on high sec) is increased every month and report don’t do anything (i have some bug report about mining boots using game report, but players reported is stil on after many month). Also they use bumping ship to bump any other player and keep ice field for himself.
When this problem is corrected and how i can help?

Those darn boots stealing highsec ice miners’ incomes

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Yes i see that too, at Angymonne, a huge fleet 20skiff still mining ice and a “protector Yueguang” bump all the miners who want to mine the ice…3 belt busy and privatized by this guy, who surely uses cheat…
after so many report, alway here…nothing is doing…Hi-sec dying ?

4 belts, not 3, you forget about Antollare, also between those 4 belts i got free hour so could take 5, should i take Carirgnottin as well?

Carirgnottin is already taked by 2 bots with 5 and 10 ships (1 orca each bot). True, is not permanently active but i see him a lot.

your bots is sleeping at the night its not gonna be a problem, also they are trash, blob miners cant stand bumping

You forgot to mention, that all his alts have
code(the enemy of all miners) mining permits.

Code is funded by goonswarm(everybody knows that🤔).

So he really is a goon in disguise. :blush:

Btw. Hello Xela, hello Nancy. :grin::grin::grin:

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its every hs ice system just about. especially with the blackout in effect. you have your everyday bot fleets during peak hours on top of whats incoming from null.

Fit a higgs anchor to your miners and use an alt to duel and triple web your orca. I bet he will have a hard time bumping you now.

Magic Gooddy its you with the huge fleet…, what cheat did you use to play with +20 ships ? you work for a ISKseller ? code/goons hypothesis is false.
last years i remember another botcheater playing like you : DARKANGEL, ccp make time but he ban him…

If ice belts were like ore sites and generated randomly from system to system, ice hogs like this would not be such a problem for small miners.

Or turn all the ice belts into scannable sigs in random systems. Take it out of agency as well. That should cut back on the bots or make it a realistic option for everyone instead of fleets of 20 clearing belts everyday for most of the day in the same systems.

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Even with a higgs anchor a orca is not as heavy as a freighter, wich still can be bumped pretty far away. Unless webs make a ship heavier. :thinking:

If you’ve reported him and he’s not banned. Maybe he’s not cheating.

Maybe he’s just a better player than you?

That is so cold blooded, lol! In all seriousness, its not that he is a “better” player per se but has the resources to obviously plex his 20 accounts up. i would say maybe more dedicated to farm ice. sounds…really boring. mind numbing even

Shouldn’t someone who has more resources to better engage the game do better? Are you trying to suggest that CCP go out of their way to hinder or ban a player who is using more of their resources available to improve their play?

No fitting higgs to an orca cuts the yeld too much. You will triple/quad web the orca and higg the barges. They will be bumped yes, but won’t move too much at the point of being darted away at ridiculous speed on that shitty bump mechanic.

If only we could war dec these guys…

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Not at all. I’m just pointing out the infinite and flawless dedication to mine said ice everyday is extrodinary and dare i say almost inhuman? Personaly, i have patience at any given time to mine for a few hours, if that. Nope, if hes that dedicated and doesn’t at least think for himself other ways to better spend his time to make better isk who am i to argue?

So has the bot automated bumping? Because if not, wouldn’t bumping imply that there’s actually a player doing the bumping?

Is there some reason you cannot bring a mach or 500mn tornado and bump them back?

IDK, sounds an awful lot like, “Other people are doing things and I don’t like it!