Ice Mining and very expensive drones

EDIT: My mistake. It was in lowsec, not highsec. SMH. I was thinking of my home system and not the one I was currently in. Apologies for the error. I’m a moron.

Hey guys. So, I’ve been away from EVE for about 5 years. I used to PvE and PvP quite a bit, but now I just really enjoy the calm and mellowness of ice mining. Long story short, I was in a high sec ice belt (0.7 system) and came across a guy who was running two ‘Excavator’ drones. I’d not heard of those before, so I checked them out and apparently they’re roughly a billion ISK each. He was flying an Orca (solo, from what I could tell) and while looking at the drone bandwidth I guess he was able to fly two of those at once. On the surface, that made sense, but then I remembered this is EVE, and I began to think that guy is begging to get ganked (even in an Orca) as you’d be looking at a (again, roughly) 3 billion+ ISK kill? Still, for a guy who can afford two billion-ISK drones, I’d think he must know what he’s doing, so am I missing something?

That high sec residents are often overconfident in their own safety until after the tornado fleet has opened fire.

Bandwith 25 each
750 volume

Bandwith 50 max
Drone bay capacity 200

The question is how he managed to get low/nul drones deployed at all.

Are you sure it wasn’t some “Harvester mining drone” instead of “excavator mining drone” ?

The first one is an old faction-like drone, very expensive but worse than a flight of T2 mining drones because of its speed, the second one can exclusively be used with a Rorqual and nothing else.

If it’s the second one that you saw you better report it because that’s obviously an exploit abuse, you’ll need footage of the excavator going back and forth from the orca and a roid though.

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