Are High Sec Mining Signals consistent per system?

So I am used to mining systems in Null Sec where you have built up the index for mining so sites reappear there on a regular basis.
In high sec do you have to follow your agency tab to find 0.5 sites or will they keep reappearing in the same system you first found one?

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They spawn in different systems everytime. The agency is pretty helpful for finding them.

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Just wanted to add that Ice site locations in high sec are static and will respawn in the same system.


Really? I might need to consider switching if that’s the case.

Has anyone crunched the numbers on ice profit vs ore?

Ice is rarer, so you can make more profit out of it.
At least in Highsec. Depends on the market and the big Nullsec wars.
Check out the Gallente Ice Channel for more info.

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Hisec ice & building fuel blocks is more profitable than hisec moon belt mining and building hulls etc. It’s been a while and I can’t find the figures plus it depends whether ur working with others or not. But back when I was a proper industrialist ice/FBs was where it was at.

BTW I also found solo hisec ice was better isk overall than solo null ice just because the logistics are easier, but null was more fun :slight_smile:

It’s a while since I did any ice mining but I used to run a small fleet in Everyshore where there are 8 ice anomalies close together in the north. The problem with ice in highsec is (or was - my info is dated) that those who make harvesting it their profession know exactly when the anomalies will spawn - the fleets show up instantly. Predators aren’t far behind - Hulks and Mackinaws tended not to survive long but people kept trying…

Yep, part the SOP, Procs/Skiffs/Porps/Orcas and tank fits only. Stick a scout boat in the Orca SMA so u can find the ice. Else if ur solo use a fast fit Porp, put a packaged skiff + kit (no rigs) in the fleet hanger, move ice system to system to get ur quota. While the locals are crying there is no ice ur already mining elsewhere.

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