Mining in Highsec

Hey guys,

I am considering coming back to EVE just to do some relaxing, highsec mining. Can you make a reasonable amount of money doing that these days? What’s the largest mining ship you can fly in highsec? Are there any active, highsec mining corps?


The ore market crashed so no…it’s pointless…

Oh, well, there goes that plan!

Ya sorry bout that…

Just to give you an idea how bad it is, Scorpion battleships can be picked-up in Jita for about 110M-115M…I’ve seen destroyers go for what frigates used to go for.

It’s a bit of a joke really…

If you want to mine then join a NS corp…you can still make good ISK down there(I hear).

Damn. I guess highsec ratting would be pretty useless, too.

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I don’t have “facts” to back this up but my opinion is that ratting is getting tougher as more are doing it now thanks to mining/indy in HS kinda dying.

But again, this is opinion so…

Also, there is money to be made in T2 modules I think so if you went that route, you might be able to mine/manu a good income…but just forget ships.

Are there any major low or null mining corps that don’t require you to go on periodic combat patrols?

Most of the rental corps in null won’t require PvP fleets, but don’t think any big blocs will let you avoid it entirely.

Some like karmafleet have very low PvP fleet requirements though, they only require 3 fleets every 90 days.

That I don’t know…

Look in the recruitment section for specifically LS/NS mining corps rather than a catch-all LS/NS corp.

Hope you find what you are looking for…

OK, thanks!

An orca. This would be fitted with three mining drone rigs and possibly using augmented mining drones. At that level it is comparable, although not quite as good, as the exhumers but with much better tank and more importantly a much bigger ore hold.

My answer is yes; anyone else’ answer will depend on defining “what is reasonable”? My criterion is, if I am flying a mining ship and get ganked, is the time spent mining to replace the cost “acceptable” - to me? If you are mining moon ores in 0.5 systems, then you could expect to replace a fitted mining barge inside one hour. That works for me.

Liky is bang on and I don’t want to sound too negitive about HS mining…

For me, it’s this equation: PLEX/30days = NET PROFIT per day needed
…which for now is about 66M per day. If I play for 2 hours a day then I need to be earning 33M per hour.

IMO that’s a tall order for a HS miner…

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OK. What’s moon mining? LOL…Can you do it in HS?

Moon mining is where players can create their own ore belts from moons. Yes, you can do this in HS.

I have been flying for about a year and a half. Just when I was starting, CCP introduced “moon mining”. The idea is that you can anchor a structure in space, next to any moon, fit that structure with a moon drill and then pull a chunk of rock out of that moon. After a fixed amount of time (from 5 days upwards) you can explode the rock and create your own ore belt. Starting cost would be around 1B isk, for structure, mods, fuel etc. However, no-one can stop you mining someone else’ ore belt.

The longer you drill the bigger the rock, the bigger the ore belt. But you can have a new belt every week. Belt will last 2 days (you can double it with expensive rigs to 4?). There can only be one structure per moon. This can be done in HS but only in 0.5 systems. Once the ore belt is created any other player can mine this ore, in that it is not illegal nor will you get suspect status. In LS they can of course just shoot you.

The point about HS moon mining is that all of the LS ores are now available in HS …. arkonor, bistot etc. Just not from all of the moons. It depends on moon composition. What you have to do is fly to 0.5 systems, map the various refineries at the moons, and keep an eye on who has got belts going, then mine them.


OK! So it’s not frowned upon to mine someone else’s moon ore belt in HS? There’s plenty of ore to go around?

Open question. Vast majority will do nothing. Possiblt 'cause there is not a lot they can do. Some will squawk. A very few will park up their mining vessel and try and bump you 'til you get bored and warp off.

In majority of cases, there will be no-one else actually mining who is a member of the owner-corporation anyway. (This is probably time zone dependent). If there is, you can, 1) ask if ok to mine, 2) make offer to pay (5% or 1/10 loads, etc), or 3) ignore anyway.

Yes. In a word. Typically, each moon will have 4 ore types; one so-called “moon ore” plus three regular minerals. The moon ore cannot be compressed and is most often not mined by any party (difficult to haul away). Similarly, the owner is going to be most concerned to target the highest regular ore eg arkonor, bistot, gneiss etc. This leaves behind a vast field of kernite or veldspar at the bottom rank, but also one of anything else from pyroxeres through to hedbergite. So, if you are not sure, ignore the highest ranked mineral, mine one of the others, and you will never have conflict.

Two final points. First, the yield for regular ores is always highest from HS moon types. Where glazed hedbergite (formerly the highest value ore in HS) gives 10% extra yield on processing, hedbergite from moons gives 15%. And this premium occurs for all versions of regular ores that come from moons. Second, the size of asteroids in moon belts is much bigger than you will find otherwise. Much.

Why you wanna stay high sec so much?
Null sec is perfectly safe to mine some dank rocks.

In general: For a rather new player, Highsec mining can still be fun (some will disagree, of course), and I encourage new players to start in high. “Much money” for a Newbro is completely different to “much money” for a Bittervet.
But after a while you will see that more experienced players are multiboxing fleets with several Orcas and crumble away a belt within a few hours, so you will feel rather wimpy. But at least at that time you’ve learned about the basics and can decide to invest time and dedication into high scale mining.
You can join a carebear company offering mining fleets - the chatting while mining can be fun; it’s a cool social experience to meet guys from all over the world who don’t want to shoot you :wink:

This is just put-up and might interest you…

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