Is mining only done by being in a large corp now?

Recently came back to the game and the one thing I enjoyed was mining in high sec, but for the last few days I have been back I have not been able to mine. I go out and in know time these rats spawn called raznaborg and they kill my drones and dang near me before I can warp to another belt, but in no time they show up there, this keeps going until I have to run back and get more drones. Then I go out again and it all happens again. In three days I barely mined enough ore to pay for the drones…lol
I just went to 4 belts and they showed up in each one in no time at all, like they are following me.

So I take it you need some firepower near you so you can keep mining? Is this just an event that will end or does CCP want us to focus on being in bigger groups?

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I really don’t know what to say anymore. Now people think mining in highsec is difficult.


Well in a group with combat ships I am sure you would be fine but in a miner ship the drones don’t even dent these raznaborg and by time I turn to warp I am half dead already. Is there a way for them not to show up or is this just the way it is now?
As I said I just came back to game so do you know a way to beat these guys, maybe a certain type of drone, I am using hobs and for some reason they cannot get even one raznaborg down so I must be doing something wrong. Any advice Karak Terrel would be appreciated.

You might want to tank against their damage profile, which is thermal and explosive.

What else did you do when you were mining? Netflix? Youtube? :smiley:

You could use a Procurer or Skiff and tank them correctly. They also have a drone damage bonus.

So a procurer could handle the damage so I don’t have to leave? That is awesome, do you have a fit that would work for this it would be much appropriated, on Reddit they said you can no longer solo mine and have to have a combat ship to take them out and if you do not take them out they follow you everywhere which I already knew :), so this is good news.

Usually just talking in a discord gaming channel, there is no way to watch netflix sadly, I went to the bathroom once came back and if I was not aligned those raznaborg would of had me dead. One hit takes 70% of my shields from them.

Semi afk! :smiley: So are you enjoying mining, or that you can do something else while you’re mining?

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I enjoy it actually, give a sense of accomplishment hauling a full load back and heading back out again. It is better than running L4 missions, those are true AFK, drop drones go to sleep, unless the raznaborg show up there as well, not sure if they do. Sadly though sandbox means play the game however it gives you the most pleasure…but CCP I don’t think wants it sandbox anymore, you can make more money when you control it.

I am pretty sure the NPCs in Lvl 4 missions will eat your drones if you aren’t paying attention.

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Sounds like a career has open up as body guard for miners. :thinking:


Quite easily dealt with if you’re not a noob. And noobs don’t pay much.

If you can manage to sell services like this it’d be brilliant and please let me know. But I’m doubtful.

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That’s not true. If it was, then people wouldn’t enjoy the amount of freedom they’re having at the expense of others, which many are most likely not enjoying. Sandbox is an overused term applied to different games meaning different things.

EVE can be considered the only multiplayer online game with an actual sandbox, because the amount of restrictions and limitations is lower than in any other multiplayer online game. Many people will disagree, of course, because they don’t understand one of the most important parts about a sandbox, which is the ability to destroy someone elses sandcastle. While in other games such an ability is the exception, in EVE it’s the encouraged norm.


True in most sandboxes you can play your way but others can change the way you play that is what sandbox is but NPC’s changing the way you play is called WOW and not a sandbox, they should focus more on the peoples ability to ruin someone else’s day not annoying NPC’s, just my opinion. Now people can come and gank me, that is awesome, but NPC’s chasing you around for the sake of some type of themepark experience is a waste of time in a game like this. Again this is just my opinion.

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I’m not sure if I can believe you on this.

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Well not awesome in the fact I just got ganked, but awesome that the game is open and has the freedoms of a sandbox.
I guess now that I have returned it just feels like I have dailies and quests to do, just feels like it is getting themeparkish, maybe I am wrong.
Also it feels like they are constantly showing up to force me to join hands with my fellow Eveian to retaliate against the evil doers raznaborg and vanquish them and their conduit from our space time continuum…like some sort of bad Star Wars episode. (I am just making this up I no nothing about this raznaborg stuff, just saying it feels like that)

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Dailies were just for the holidays.

You can go and try finding a system without triglavian scouts as well.

I don’t mine, and I haven’t been fighting much NPC’s lately either, but my understanding is that you have two different kind of Triglavian attackers.

First is, your system is in range of a Triglavian invasion. IIRC that means you are within 2 jumps of the Triglavian invasion site. In this case you will get various types of Raznaborgs and Trigs attacking you at different points in the system (gates, belts etc.) You should get a visual warning that you’re in range of a Triglavian invasion site, and in that case the logical thing to do would be to move away into a non-invasion system.

The second type is “Triglavian Recon Scouts”, which are smaller groups of (I think) 3 Triglavians that can be encountered anywhere. You shouldn’t be running into them as frequently but they are still dangerous and mean you can’t AFK/semi-afk as much.

You should add “Invading Precursor Entities” to your Overview if you haven’t already, and be hitting D-Scan often enough to detect them before they arrive. You might also check this thread for a few more details and info on mining builds:
Triglavian Recon Squad

The new NPCs are a nightmare for miners but you can avoid them by looking for invasion systems or pirate bases and staying well away. You have to watch low standings with empire factions too as their mining fleets will kill you. These pirate fleets are no joke Blood Raiders got my Orca in a high sec belt I only got away by using ECM drones on their point they killed all they other drones. Given the Orca has about 40 drones and like 6 frigs attacked and I couldn’t kill one of them

The Faction mining fleets are kind of lethal too with logi and unlimited range. As a solo miner your only real option is to avoid all this stuff which is a big change from the belt rats that used to do about 10 dps between 3 of them and that was it for danger in a high sec belt.

No, you still can mine solo, but you should avoid mining in systems near a Triglevian invasion, if you want to do it (semi-) AFK.