Highsec Mining Groups with Teeth

I’m just wondering if there are any badass highsec mining corps out there? You know, ones that will play hard and dirty to take the ore, ice, or moon goo they want by force or guile? I’ve heard stories that people sometime bump or gank or declare war for control of highsec mineral resources, but I can’t say that I have seen any of that first hand.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any corps or people with that reputation? Or share any stories of such activities?

Warning, opinion ahead :

If you’re a serious miner, then Highsec might not be the best place for you. Out of the mega corporations in nullsec that already have enough systems to sustain themselves in term of resources production, smaller corporation would love to get new capsuleers to help them in territorial conflicts. And captured systems are excellent places to mine !

Of course, that mean you’ll have to help them in PVP activities, but you can play as a support ship if Damage isn’t what you like the most (Logistics or E-WAR ship).

Concerning alliances with big reputation in highsec, I can only think of two : CODE. and Red Frog (with their allied Black and Gold Frog). The later is a reputed freight company, the former is a bunch of people that claim Highsec as their own territories and will gank every miner/freighter that doesn’t paid for a “license” (Jita scam level).

I’m feelin’ like the poster above has no ■■■■■■■ clue what ya actually asked. I haven’t seen any such minin’ corps. Dare i say they don’t exist, 'cause miners are a bunch of cowards.

Miners in highsec are predominantly the “I need muh safe space so I can watch Netflix” types.

I know of a multiboxer who exerts control over the ice in the system. He has a gank/wardec corporation and he kills any competition he can. That is as close as I have ever seen, personally. It is not a group, though, and there’s barely any interaction other than the occasional perplexed miner or small rivalry between the ice mogul and a CODE. agent. It doesn’t generate interesting stories to tell. (Or does not do so when I would be there to witness them, at least.)

… says the coward whose killboard is brimming with nothing but pods, shuttles, corvettes, Ventures, scanners, and T1 haulers.

Exhibit A: https://zkillboard.com/character/97065857/kills/

Try yellow-boxing and firing on a ship that can actually shoot back.

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Why doesn’t this happen more? And why doesn’t it generate any interesting stories?

There must be some interesting player interactions that go on over the resources in highsec out there. Anyone know of any groups that are fighting over highsec moons or systematically stealing moon ore from others?

P.S. @z0rberg contact me in game please. I want to discuss something with you.

Well first, there is a little too much ressource scattered all around including highsec, the second people mine a bit too much somwehere, you jump once or twice and boom fresh belts barely touched.

Ice as said yes there is more competition but it’s mostly about one or two dedicated player that bump anyone entering “their” ice anomaly and logging alt to gank or wardec if it’s not a npc corp, to fight back there’s not a lot miners can do against a few orca grouped together.

Fight happens a lot more in nullsec, lowsec is bad for mining, you have access to rorquals but the ores aren’t worth the trouble, only moon ore sometimes has value. But in nullsec it’s all about the rorquals fleet, exhumer are only for the mercoxit or when rorqual can’t be deployed, miners in nullsec tend to avoid danger as they’re designed as prey for most of their ships.

This particular user has somewhere around, it seems, 25 accounts that can be active and logged in at once. This conflict takes place in hisec, so the stakes aren’t terribly high to established players. This is only even effective because 13 or so mining ships can strip the ice belt quickly.

The industrial arm is protected by CONCORD. Ships are ganked on occasion but this only garners a response now and again. The user stripping the belts either uses nie ungankable skiffs, or very inexpensive t1 barges that are replaced very cheaply.

It’s very easy to steal moon ore, and hard to combat that theft because of CONCORD protection for most miners and industrial types. Bear in mind there is zero penalty for industry in NPC corporations. The 11% tax rate does not apply and CONCORD works for free. In the event an industry type uses the convenience of a corporation, it’s fairly simple to drop one that is wardecced and create a new one.

The operator of the structure has to pay fuel expenses to bring the rocks up, and if they can’t get them, they won’t pay that fee. You can destroy the athanor/tatara and install your own to force an extraction, but then you have to pay for that fuel and try to deal with whatever NPC corp skiffs come to claim your prize, plus the work you put into destroying the structure and buying/building your own to replace it. Even if you don’t care about the expense, the bears do, and they’re not going to be very motivated to fight for such a small prize, if they can be motivated to fight at all. Attentive PvP types don’t want to mine that ore. They can do better.

Further, moons don’t generate belts that are worth more than mining ice in highsec, bar the lucky jackpot spawn. Many of the possible ores aren’t worth more than fairly abundant alternatives in ordinary asteroid belts. They’re of more interest to alphas, who may not mine ice, but the belt would probably be quickly stripped by a multiboxing omega before alphas could grab a reasonable quantity. At least that’s been my experience.

Hisec resources don’t generate a lot of conflict because they are not very valuable monetarily, but instead valued for the extreme degree of safety they offer. Take away that safety and they lose their value to the existing audience.

I suppose the bottom line is that there are no interesting stories because the story ends quickly and the victor is only interested in engaging with the game to the absolute minimum degree necessary to secure his ice. The loser isn’t generally interested in a fight, and certainly not one he has no hope of winning, when they can simply go elsewhere and get pretty much the same thing uncontested.

I’d like to hear from someone with a different opinion. This post smacks of me being a Debbie Downer. As it stands, I only fire up a moon drill when I want to give moon ore away to a particular individual or group. It’s still good enough to be of interest between ice belts, or to alphas, but I’d have to resort to playing the game in a way that does not interest me to capitalize on it much.

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Me too. It is disheartening to hear how little success CCP has had making highsec an interesting place for people to live and play in. Does no one have any interesting stories, even from years ago, about any epic mining groups and their badass activities?

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