Mining Venture Destroyed by fleet of Serpentis Drones in HS

Hi. I have been away from the game for a bit and was wondering if something was added recently that creates fleets of AI drones that rove through High Sec mining belts? Each time there was a sudden appearance of 20-ish Serpentis drones that just appeared and blew my ship up in seconds and then warped away just as fast as they arrived. I have had 2 Ventures destroyed in the past 2 days by these roving fleets and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

Does anyone know anything about these fleets or are my days of solo mining in my Venture in HS over?

serpentis drones eh? didnt know those things existed. if possible please link loss mail

Ok, so it wasn’t drones after all but the ship that killed me was a Kesteral. Turns out there is Pirate FOB in this system. Guess I will have to sit out of the game until it goes away. I can’t afford to keep losing ships.

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but… why stay in the system?


Move to a system without FOB.

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I can’t afford (either in ISK or skill points) to do much else and mining was a way to try to earn some ISK. I don’t know where else to go…all the systems I have been to but this one is heavily mined by big mining ships and there isn’t enough to go around. I don’t play that much because mining is kind of boring but it is a steady income, albeit not much.

I am pretty risk adverse so I don’t do PvP. I just die…quickly.


Dopey_Noob join a big null sec alliance… like pandemic horde?

I considered that but I have heard that those big corps only want meat shields for their fleets. I was going to be salvager but can’t find work doing that. I joined this corp since they said they were an industry corp but there is only like 2 or 3 other members and no one has built anything.

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LOL. F for ur current corp. They only want meat shields for their fleets. i think thats “gonswarm” Pandemic horde is a newbie friendly alliance that promotes the newbros to get into nullsec. and earn much more isk there. like null sec ratting,small pvp gang, mining,industry,explorin. Everything is in nullsec so u should join it or u stay like a carebear in High-sec

I have a hisec corp with ties to a .5 moon. Every weekend I try to go mine the moon in exchange for the goo, I keep other materials to build small ships. I can help you out with allowing you to salvage my l4 sec missions and mining missions as well.

Just Join A Null Sec Corp
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Geo - thanks for that offer. I will look you up in game and send you a message.

Rem - so is Pandemic Horde the “best” one for new-ish players to learn different aspects and things to do in the game? What about Eve Uni?

EVE Uni is good. i don’t know much about pandemic but as a former black ace ( part of goons) i was never considered a meat shield, until i worked on my skills for doing fleets, i spent most of my time VNI ratting. My second venture (no pun intended) in Null, I was associated but not apart of black aces, and I was a null miner helping to build a market in fountain. But i find more comfort for my playstyle in hisec. and i’ve helped get a few people ready for null or whatever areas they wanted to get off into.

I can’t say I ‘enjoy’ mining but it is a steady, relatively risk free activity that makes a bit of ISK. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at ratting but there is so much competition in HS that it isn’t very fun. Not to mention my skill points are spread all over the place and I can’t reset them and start over. I might just have to start an entirely new character and skill them out better for combat.

I am not really excited about doing PvP but I would try ratting. Salvaging is better than mining in terms of ISK but there is the whole “need to take it somewhere to sell” part.

BTW, I sent you an ingame note.

The Venture can’t defend itself against serious opposition. Operating alone moving to another system seems likely option . If you can get a probe or other light frigate and use it to survey your “new” system to survey jump in points for specific asteroids in each of the belts. This lets to spend less time traveling around in belts and lets you jump from belt to belt without losing much time before you can restart the drills. A full Ore hold is a full hold regardless of which or how many belts it fills from. With surveyed jump in points you can keep drilling yet jump to safety.

Optimize your Venture rigs for quick jumps. Keep your cursor on a jump location and click in the instant the screen shows something red inbound. My experience is the incoming red’s are foreshadowed in General information screen very briefly before they materialize in the system.

There is a lot to be said for finding an organization to work with just do not stay if its not working for you.


You could also run missions… l2 sec missions can be easily done in procurer (or, in most cases, talwar)

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Do Level 2 missions make any ISK? I should probably make a new character and train them for combat from the beginning

Agreeing with Kizador above–fit your Venture for quick jumps. In a Venture, your best bet is to warp out when you see danger. But also make sure you have strong shields.

That being said, if you disliked being shot down by NPCs in highsec, I doubt you’re going to like mining in lowsec or null, and I really doubt that you’re gonna like PvP. There are lots of mining corps out there. Use the Corporations forum here to find one with more active players and who can teach you more strategies for dealing with this kind of stuff.

For now: fit your Venture for defense (Alpha’s Guide has lots of good rookie fits), train up the relevant Skills, and when you start mining, make sure you have a route set so that you can warp out and dock somewhere immediately. Don’t go AFK either.

Best wisdom I’ve gotten as a newbie: The only place you’re safe in EVE is when you’re docked, but then what’s the point of the game?

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Also, skill up on some drone action. I explore a lot and I’m always coming across lone Ventures with attack drones flying around a pile of dead pirates.
(I’m not really sure on how all that works, so that’s your homework) :wink:

Have an awesome day!!

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I managed to pull over 10M /h running l2 missions [w/o counting lp]. This is at least 2x what you get mining with vent in hs. Small caveat - when I was doing this my dps was very weak, with better skills you are likely to get even more.