Serpentis Ferrier

Hello ~

So, after all the answers you gived me on mining (thanks again guys <3), I got myself a good ol’ Covetor and a hauler alt in a Miasmos, and I started mining.

So, as I know, even the rats in 0.5 are easly destroyed by my Hobgoblins. But today I encountered for the first time a Serpentis Ferrier. First of all I’ve never seen any NPC with that name, second it had an industrial icon.

He was destroyed as quick as the fleet guarding it, but it was the first time I saw that drop too : 50k Tritanium.

So, I would like to know : is this spawn really rare or does it happen quite a lot ?

Thanks =)

They are NPC Mining Operations, which were introduced late 2016 I think.

These are not the same as the NPC mining fleets that will send in support fleets if you attack them. However, at some point last year these did start showing up occasionally. They are not particularly dangerous and will occasionally spawn in asteroid and ice belts.

These “mining” ships have been around forever. They don’t mine, just orbit at huge range and drop minor amounts of minerals.

Oh? So like hauler spawns in nullsec?

Yeah, hauler spawns happen in low as well. They might even happen in high but :man_shrugging: high.

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