Low Sec Mining Anomalies

An alt of mine was mining in a low sec ice anomaly with a Prospect and a Serpentis soldier showed up. Speed tanked around one of the ice blocks for a while mining and although the rat flew over and seemed interested, it simply stopped about 8 km away and planted itself on the ice block I was harvesting and didn’t even try attacking me. I was orbiting at full speed at 3000 m. Anyone have any explanations? I have never seen rats act that way. Unfortunately I had to leave early. :smile:

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That is unusual. I’ve never messed with the Serpentis variety, but have killed many of all of the Sansha versions, and they can do some odd things. I used to hunt negotiators in a coercer, and it takes them around 8-10 seconds usually to lock you and start shooting. I currently use a harbinger, which generally they lock a little faster (maybe 5 seconds). Though i have had them apparently get “confused” and just let me pound on them to around 60% armor before they finally decide to shoot back.

With signature of a frigate being so small it should take them quite a while to actually target you. Though from the sounds of it i wonder if it was trying to start orbiting you, got trapped, then got stuck in some loop of trying to get into range so it it never tried to target you, I’m guessing it was a glitch.

I’ve never tried to speed tank them in a frigate, though I’m sure it could be done pretty easily, since orbiting them in the 500-1500M range in a dessie is enough to ignore most of their damage. Speaking of which there’s good money in the tags, especially the .2 and .1 versions, so if you’ve never hunted them you definitely should ;^).

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My other character has hunted them. So yeah there is good ISK in nabbing low sec rats. I agree. But if I’m resource hunting, I’m always looking to diversify my approaches with the PVE environment. That way if I am stuck somewhere with a particular ship but have a variety of fits for that ship I can take advantage of multiple resources if they become available. Still, I’m not averse to zapping rats when that opportunity is available either. That can be very fun. Thanks for the reply Zadin_Tichim

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I know sometimes the hauler’s, or a certain ship I cannot remember, that if you destroy find some minerals, is rather non-aggressive, might of been that?

Is interesting =)

You can read all about it here: Forward Operating Base - EVE University Wiki

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