Is mining only done by being in a large corp now?

You are looking 500dps plus if you are talking about the scouts. A proc will give you think, fight back or warp off. But mainly just avoid systems with an emerging conduit if solo. Or take time off mining to hunt the scouts in a combat ship.
If not solo make friends with someone and use a porpoise fitted for remote rep each. And them whoever gets target the other person keeps them alive while you both use combat drones to kill them.

This is the key bit of advice to note.

That will solve it for you.

And another bit of advice, make sure you check for FOB’s in system too, those can be worse than the Trigs.

depends, get rid of the frigates first and my light drones will destroy everything else, put it a rattlesnake with 2 geckos and the geckos will just tank everything.

In a sand box it’s the fear of the gank that gives the game its edge, it’s a pleasant experience, but sting is what is the woke moment, some people can’t handle that,but most do. The tricky part is making it justified or fair play. NPC can be like that, not the same level as a PVP experience. IMHO :smirk:

No, one person said that and you chose to take it as gospel then come over and sulk about it here.

Is that not what here is for ?

When I came back I started high sec mining while I got up to speed and searched for a new home.

I used a tanked procured, sacrificing yield for tank. I used T2 drones strong in region rats weaknesses.

I did belt mining no anonolies etc.

I was able to mine and rat the belt solo, until the razenborg or w/e. So I simply dock, dump ore, and go to another belt.

As I see it high sec mining went from afkable long term to periodically checking in on combat sounds and moving.

I didn’t bother to drop my combat to help, and I managed to typically kill and loot one razenborg before deciding to move.

I managed to move full miasmos loads to jita doing this in my limited play time…daily.

I wonder if small belts are more venture and t1 drone friendly. My concern are newbros who might not be able to deal with the elite rats.

Otherwise things look good.

Just my 2cents

The good news is that you asked and CCP listened!

Trig rats and pirate FOB rats will be coming to all highsec belts, mining anoms, and mission pockets soon. That and replacing standard mission rats with enhanced trig/incursion style rats for more risk vs reward and engaging play and enjoyment.


PvP is Risk, NPCs are a scripted annoyance.


I solo mine often but not in HiSec, never had an issue except around trade hubs

Proof? Source?

Oh yeah you don’t have any.

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Hello and good day fellow miner. A solo miner in a barge will not be able to kill the Triglavian scouts. Triglavian scouting fleet respawn the second the first one is killed.

If you want to mine in peace you need to stop mining normal belts and move to Ore Anom belts that only spawn normal rats.

As a miner you will need to be with a logi support Porpoise or Orca to stay on grid and help kill the Triglavian scouting fleets to continue to mine.

Welcome back to Eve.

Literally pays less than mining.

Huh? Link?

I has solution. Make drones no longer able to shoot NPCs. Botting and triglavian Online fixed in one go. Damn I’m in fire today.

Hey, Dracvlad! Remember that time you clearly didn’t understand the CONCORD mechanic and had to have it explained to you?

We all remember that…


:grin: Fix it for you.

They are very tough, even a very well skilled procurer will still have to warp out.

I’m not sure there is. Regular belts require an escort.

Yes usually with 4+ instead of just 3. I’m not sure if clearing the conduit removes the scouts, but the conduits reappear somewhat frequently it seems to me.

Damn. I wished I saw this thread few days ago.

I started Eve (again) after several years and am now in the process of getting familiar with all the new stuff. I suck in PvP and even in the old glorious days I did missions and was a good enough trader to maintain my 2 characters.

So I started doing missions again, which is fun. But I still have plenty of time, when I can be interrupted any moment, so mission running is no option. The tutorials I read openly suggest mining as the best option here.

I like to optimize and since I am open to something new, I bought myself a retriever put some skills in the queue and quite soon I was ready to rumble. Something I could do early in the morning without waking my wife.

However, it took some time to find some asteroids to mine even in low sec due to NPC miners. Once I found a nice mining spot (finally) I was attacked by rats. They killed my drones and would have destroyed my ship if I wouldn’t warp out. So now I am watching very carefully for the next spawn. A semi-afk or reading a book or something is not possible.

So I ask myself, what is the use case here? Since they literally force me to watch the laser and the local all the time, is such a solo mining I tried to accomplish not desired any more? Do I have to mine always in company? If so, mining is nothing for me.

Or am I doing something wrong?

I wished, the tutorials would mention that. It would spare me hours of trying and the waste of time in the skill queue.

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The trigs make it more difficult to afk-fail one’s way to income. That is their primary function. So if you try to afk it’s probably going to hurt just as it should be. If you afk in missions you die, afk in PVP = death. Afk in a WH, LS or null: death. So why should it be any different for mining?

This doesn’t mean it’s bad for miners, in fact it’s GREAT for active miners simply because they have less competition from non-efforts and bots. It’s only bad for AFKs and bots, neither of which should be catered to.

As a side note: the “I never go afk, only once went afk for 30 seconds and I died” doesn’t fly, no one believes that.

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