Is mining only done by being in a large corp now?

That appears to be CCP’s current view of what is good for player retention.

Personally I think they also realise the mining is so bad for player retention that they are making it as undesirable as possible in the hope that people will do other things instead. :slight_smile:

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I am not sure you can compare these activities.
Doing missions you have to steer the ship, choose proper targets, activate weapons and modules, prepare the salvage. PvP even more so. There is a lot of action, skill and “doing” needed.

I am very new to mining but what I experienced so far was, sitting there watching the laser sucking the asteroid dry. It was quite a passive endeavor :slight_smile:

And that is exactly what is changing, as it should be. AFK gameplay should not be rewarded, if only to reward active gameplay.


Don’t forget checking Local for flashy reds, suspects or known gank-corps you’ve set to bad standing for quick identification, or pinging d-scan to spot Catalysts and Raznaborgs in the vicinity, or monitoring your survey scanner to make the most efficient use of your beams and drone cycles, or having a warp-out point ready in the event you missed out on any of the above mentioned threats…

Or you could just sit there and watch the laser.


Tbh, I’m astonished and annoyed by the fact that people have this idea that afk play styles, where the player really is just watching Netflix or similar, should have the same income and options as people who DO actively play and who put in active effort to lower their risk. It reeks of narcissism.

Why should an AFK miner make the same income with the same safety as someone who is willing to put in active effort?


No, ■■■■ off.

My null sec corp would be happy to have you, its a small corp in a relatively quiet spot in null, always rocks available, combat support ect.

Sure plenty of corps in null would take someone interested in chilling and mining some ore minus the barking orders and mandatory pvp ect.

Playing EvE is not an option for you. Stay at your keyboard FFS.

Yes, for starters, you need a mining permit. Secondly, if you can’t be bothered to actually play the game, go away and do something ■■■■■■■ else.

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I’m calling ■■■■■■■■ on you, and many other regulars in this thread.

OP is right, mining for normal non-AFK players in high sec is totally ■■■■■■.

And don’t come along with ■■■■■■■■ theory craft about how some tanky ship will be ok. It is simply not true.

I tried to introduce a friend a few weeks ago to EVE, he wanted to mine, but there is no way.

It’s broken.

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I don’t get it. Honestly, I don’t see the problem.

If you are in a Venture, warp out when the Trigs warp in. You have plenty of time before they even target you so if you’re not afk-mining you have more than enough time to leave. After a while you will skill up and in a Proc - without max drone skills - you can tank and kill the scouts without even turning your lasers off. Easily.
If you are in a Skiff there is no rat that will kill you, especially in HS, unless you are afk-mining. So don’t afk-mine.

The ONLY reason you will die to Trig scouts is if you warp into a belt, stay right there and go afk. If you are not AFK you will NOT die cos you will not be on the warp-in point and will see them arrive and so warp off.

Btw - “I am not AFK but am watching a video while my char mines” STILL COUNTS as bloody AFK. “Play” the game or don’t. Your choice.


Clearly you have not mined.

Don’t make ■■■■ up.

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AFK is not illegal.

No, but if you get killed (by NPC) don’t ■■■■■■■ complain about it.


Except OP didn’t get killed, he came back and warped away.

I know you don’t usually high sec mine, like I said, I showed it to a friend and it is totally fked for new players.

Grab a barge and go try, you will see.

Now, go away and mine :slight_smile:


Mining is one of the core new player experiences, it needs to work in high sec with T1 fits solo.

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I am mining as we speak … in an alpha character in a reaper but still. Nothing the ■■■■ is happening.

AFK mining eh?

AFK mining in highsec is illegal and has been for quite some time.

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Go back to WoW.

Of course, mining is mindfucking boring. I don’t have a mining character, hence the alpha in a reaper, just to see what shows up in the belt.