Is ice mining more profitable than ore?

What the subject says?

Yes. Gas is even more profitable.

How do I find ice or gas?

Tama is the best low sec mining system.

Plenty of belts and juicy ores.

Def check it out! Fit for max yield too. You’re gonna need it to hold all the ore!

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Please stop giving this guy terrible advice. Tama is full of rabid dogs. He is going to come to Ouelletta to mine. Nice, calm, full of those sweet low sec ores and gas sites.

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Look, Gix - I know you are just trying to be nice and tell the guy where a good place to mine is…but I wish you would have done it through a private message and not in a public post. I suppose I will sound a little greedy saying it but Tama is good without a lot of other miners knowing about it, ok?

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I was going to suggest Abhazon or Old Man Star, but Tama works as well…

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Gas sites are cosmic signatures so you need to scan them down. In my experience they are more abundant in wh’s but the low sec gasses are more profitable.

Ice belts spawn in fixed systems. I believe there are lists on the wiki. These sites are just anomalies. The in-game agency window will also show where you can find them.

Yup Ice is more profitable than ore. The margin has closed since compression/indy changes, but I still like solo ice mining.

How do you find ice?

Well…did that not work, Towas?

The Agency


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