Moon mining is not useful in HS

Hello. I think moon mining is a waste of time and money in HS. It is worse than ice belts.

  1. Moons are limited to one belt every 6d minimum when the ice belts respawns every 4H. I think the volume of interesting ore is close but not sure about that.
  2. The mining isk/m³ is the highest for ice, matar>gal/amarr>caldari ; only gneiss and coesite are close to those values, with coesite being on par with caldari icicle. right now you have 7.7% more isk/h mining matar ice than gneiss.
  3. The refinery requires fuel : the owner who installed the refinery had to pay for it, the modules (and the rigs if any), then still need to pay for fuel. ATM price is 173M/month for a refinery (not included hauling). The ice belt costs nothing. It would be less of an issue if the owner of the refinery could get a part of the mined ore but he cant, there is no mechanism to make him get money from the belt he created. People can just warp in the belt you created, mine it and leave.
  4. the ice belts are in .6, .7 ; the moons in .5 which make their miner easier to gank.

Tell me how the moon belts are better than the ice belts ? But please, forget the case when you want that specific ore, as you could as well sell ice and buy MORE of that specific ore in the same amount of time.

Then don’t do moon mining in highsec. It isn’t supposed to be there anyway.


Arkonor, Crokite, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres and Kernite are really nice as well. The ubiquitous moon ores just go back down to the values they had before the changes, when Silicates, Evas, Athmogas were pretty much worthless.

You should not have the refinery running all the time. Once per month is more than enough to refine/compress the yield of the month, which brings the cost down to 19M for the service. No one except for yourself needs that service. Leechers and other external miners can move the ore elsewhere, which also means they mine a bit less than you. You also need to have a rather sizeable mining fleet to clear the belt in a reasonably short period of time and to mine it before competition arrives.

Have you found a way to build ships or modules from ice? If so, please tell. Other than that, a moon belt can generated between 500M to 1B+ of ore sell order value every 7 days. That’s not too bad.

You’re completely off topic. I didn’t ask your opinion about what I should do - or what I am doing. I asked about people who think it is worth mining in HS.

Yes :

170M/month is for the drill only. I was not even including the price of the reprocess module.

Sounds a bit high. When I simulate an Athanor, the drill requires 360 FB to activate and then 3600 FB (5x24x30) to run in the first month. At a generous price of 23k ISK, that’s 91M fuel cost. In the second month it’s only 82M as the activation cost does not apply if you have the drill running all the time. The reprocessing service, on the other hand, would cost around 147M per month with the same FB price and constant activity. Drilling is not that expensive. Reprocessing is.

Sorry I did not check the number, I thought drills consumed as much as cloning module on an astrahus ^^ Thank you for correcting me :slight_smile:

Yet my point is that there is an additional monthly cost to the moon mining. Which was off as it should be 80M/month (only considering the daily cost *30).

[Astrahus, *Simulated Astrahus]

Standup Cloning Center I

is 180 fuel/day * 30 * 21 = 113M/month

[Athanor, *Simulated Athanor]

Standup Moon Drill I

is 120 fuel /day =>76M/month

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no ist not offtopic oO you sait ist worthless and someone said then dont do it … xD so dont cry About something you think ist worthless and go grab Your ice.

btw … if you wanna make Money with mining then leave HS because your HS ice mining is a trololol worthless thing xD

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I don’t care about this. I ask people who think it is worth using moon mining in HS, that is, who have a different opinion of mine.

You don’t know what I do, keep your unrelated advices .

As others have mentioned, moon mining is optional. Some good ABC ores in them, Minerals you cannot get in High sec elsewhere. The belt are also bigger, and the owner sets the time that the rock detonates. Gives the owner a chance to be ready to mine it all instead of getting sucked up by an Orca fleet.

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It’s a game, so we all get out of it what we want. It isn’t all about ISK.

Some people like the idea of building end to end themselves. Some like just having different things to do. Others like Mining and building in the one location without hauling and trading minerals, etc.

So highsec moon mining isn’t any less useful than other gameplay on the whole. It’s an individual thing.


If you give a way to measure usefulness, you can say what is more or less useful.
When something new is less useful than something already existing, you can say it is useless.

I agree that for people who don’t want to go to the market it’s better to mine one’s own ore. But how did they get the athanor and the modules in the first place ? How do they get the fuel ?

There isn’t a single measure of this. Each to their own and just because something seems useless by the measure you choose, doesn’t make someone else’s measure less valid.

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I totally agree that everybody should play the game how they feel, and that my measure of what is useful only applies to me.

Still, be it in term of security, of isk/h or of ore acquisition, which are some very common measure of mining efficiency, moon mining in HS is worse than ice belts, to my knowledge.

The only case where I can find it better is when you have an ice belt close to you, in a backwater island, so that hauling cost becomes too much and you rather mine your own ore to avoid the time+fuel cost.

Athanors fulfill more then one purpose.

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yeah but the roles of the athanor is not the topic.

Than. Repeat after me. Than. Not then. Millenials…


This is an opportunity cost argument, by which even ice mining loses out to other gameplay, especially to an activity like market trading (which is the only 1 of these activities that is actually making ISK).

So by that measure, everything in highsec is useless except market trading.

However, moon mining or ice mining don’t make any ISK/hr directly. There is always additional work to be done in both cases to receive ISK, so if ISK/hr is the measure to go by, then the entire end-to-end activity needs to be considered and that’s going to vary greatly based on individual situations.

Though not always, there is a chance for a “Jackpot” load when blowing up the moon chunk. These ores are essentially worth double, thus double the ISK/hr of whoever ends up mining it (at least compared to the basic ore counterparts.

But is this alone worth it? I don’t know, that’s up to debate. But this is one reason over regular ice belts in highsec which are a static amount of income.

I didn’t know this, that’s interesting :slight_smile: Do you have a link ?