[Lifeblood] Moon Mining Revamp - Main Thread

Greetings Tenacious Testers!

The time has come for us to begin the early public testing phase of some of the elements of the upcoming Winter Expansion. We’re really excited to begin this process with you all, and look forward to receiving your feedback and bug reports as we polish and balance these features. As always, if you wish to help, head onto our test server Singularity and get involved! This thread will server as the central place where all features related to Moon Mining will be linked, please follow the links below to provide feedback for each feature specifically, or use this thread to provide feedback regarding the entire feature set.

A quick note before we get into the details, these features are being tested far ahead of the normal testing cadence, and are currently not attached to a scheduled release - this is a change to how you may be used to Singularity working, and also may result in a higher volume of issues that might normally be seen on the test server.

With that clarified, lets gets into what exactly is available on the test server at this time! Please remember to give feedback for each feature in their own threads!

EDIT 17th Oct: All features and their respective stats are now final on Singularity. Please bug report anything you think is off!

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Thanks as always and happy testing,

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0


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Does this test mirror include the new changes to the probing interface?

The moon probing interface? Those have been on Tranquility for a while now.

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Currently on SISI: Whenever I try to warp to or dock at any station that has items seeded on the market, I am presented with this error message: 29

I’ve now went to 5 different systems and tried to dock in 5 different stations. I cannot autopilot to it. Whenever I select the station and/or right click on it, I get that error.

Kind of hard to test things when we can’t dock to interact with the items. I wish you guys could figure out how to seed our citadels with these items instead of making us go back to the old stations.

I am currently investigating the reason for this problem with the UnknownStructureSetting error. It seems like it might be happening in systems, where you also have structures in space.
The industry window is also heavily affected by this error.

Update: Yeah, it seems to be caused by a bug with industry settings for structures. We’ll try to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Are the moons on SISI reflecting current TQ moons? Or have they been jumbled up? If yes will these be the moons that get pushed to TQ or will they just jumbled up again once testing is finished?

Truing to get free info ey?

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From the linked thread:

At this time for the purposes of testing, a completely fake and inaccurate moon mineral distribution has been created. The distribution of ores is completely arbitrary and should not be read into.


Jumbled up

Dont have a link onhand, but CCP said that there will be a randomization of moons when the patch hits. Noone gets a head start on knowing where the good moons will be

Will any Moons be seeded with minerals in WH space at all?

CCP has said multiple times, using multiple means of communication, that no moon minerals will be seeded in WH space.

Will there be mining crystals specific to each ore? Or will there be a general moon goo one? Mining barges need some love too :slight_smile:

There will be five new mining crystals, one for each “rarity tier” of ore.

will they require individual skills?

If it mirrors the current mining crystal requirements, each will require one of the five ore reprocessing skills that are being added.

Yes, 5 new skills, each corresponding to the rarity of the crystal and ore etc

2% increased yield per level

That’s a bonus to refine amount, correct?

Wouldn’t mind seeing the refineries and drills allowed in WH space at release, but the fields generated only produce standard ores. Could then remove the ore anoms from WH space.

For that matter, could see some opportunity for the rare spawn of a gas cloud in the field too.

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