[Lifeblood] Refineries, Moon Drills and the Extraction Process


(CCP Lebowski) #1

Greetings Happy Harvesters!

In this thread we’ll be gathering feedback for the new Refinery structures, the Standup Moon Drill and the Moon Mining Process. This is one of multiple threads for features related to Moon Mining, coming in the EVEs Lifeblood Expansion. See below for links to other features.

WARNING: Many, if not all stats, bonuses, industry requirements, skills, models, effects and more are either placeholder or not final at this time, we remind you that any theory-crafting, skill training or market speculation done based on observations made on the test server are done at your own risk (and often to our amusement). YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Without further ado, lets get into it!

EDIT: As of 13th Sept there is a slash command to speed up your moon mining. While in control of your refinery, use /completeextraction to move the moon chunk to a ready state


Refineries will be the premiere structure for resource collection and processing, with bonuses to reprocessing and the exclusive ability to fit moon mining and reaction service modules. Refineries come in medium (Athanor) and large (Tatara) sizes and like all Upwell Structures they have docking and tethering ability as well as the whole suite of standard structure features like storage, fitting, insurance, repair and corp offices. They are able to fit the same set of basic Standup modules as Citadels and Engineering Complexes. Refinery structures themselves are deployable anywhere that other Upwell structures can be deployed. However only Refineries deployed near minable moons will be able to fit a moon drill service module. A new entry in the right click menu of minable moons allows you to easily warp to the designated Upwell moon mining location. The deployment UI for Refineries shows the extent of the suitable location for moon mining before deployment is confirmed.

Standup Moon Drill

The Standup Moon Drill is a new service module that can exclusively be fitted to the new Refinery structures. It operates as any normal service module, with an onlining and hourly fuel cost. Fitting it to a Refinery allows a pilot in the gunner position to begin an extraction process using the new extraction scheduling window. Once a moon chunk has completed its extraction process and is in the ready state, it can be fired upon from the gunner position, exploding it into an asteroid field.

Extraction Scheduler

The extraction scheduler is a new window designed to allow corporations to schedule and manage moon ore extractions. We hope that the design of the window speaks for itself, so the less said here the better.

4/9 EDIT: The Structure Browser now contains an “Upcoming Events” tab that lists any upcoming extractions for any structure you have access to

Moon Asteroid Fields

Once a moon chunk has been exploded, a field of asteroids will be created, which can be mined in the normal fashion.

Moon Mineral Distribution

UPDATE (14th Sept) - A new iteration of the moon material distribution has been implemented on Singularity. Your Extraction schedulers and survey scan results will now match this new version as will the ore fields created by the completion of any ongoing extractions. This distribution is following a testing ruleset, and please note that the test server will never have the final live server distribution so probing moons on Singularity will never allow you to determine the eventual live moon compositions on Tranquility. You should expect the composition of moons on Singularity to change multiple times between now and the Lifeblood release as we test our distribution system. We refer you back to the warning at the top of this post.

UPDATE (18th Oct) - As the release is fast approaching and the final moon distribution has been set, we’ve returned the distribution to a completely faked version on Singularity. This will mean that you will find a random assortment of ores in all moons across New Eden. Please note that this doesn’t change our plans to restrict moon mining to low and nullsec for the time being

That’s all for now, we’ll be maintaining this thread as we move through this public testing phase, and adding more information as and when it is required. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Happy extracting!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

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(CCP Lebowski) #2

Reserved for FAQ

(Weaselior) #3

is there a maximum number of ores a moon can have? it would be helpful to know for creating new moon databases.

(CCP Lebowski) #4

We’re not ready to disclose this information at this time.

(Radamere Estidal Estidal) #5

is there anyway to speed up the anchoring of citadels in sisi to help with testing?

(CCP Fozzie) #6

We are investigating options for speeding up extractions but anchoring itself will need to be done at normal speed.

(Radamere Estidal Estidal) #7

fair enough :slight_smile:

(RainReaper) #8

Oh boi! time to test some stuff!

Um… Hey that 16 hour vulnerability on the medium one is just placeholder right?

What is the price gonna be for the medium and large bpo?

(Basil Vulpine) #9

It’s not wildly unlikely. Raitaru is 9 and these want to be more vulnerable.

(Layla) #10

Would it be possible to display the moon product quantities in the Moon probe analysis window as straight percentages with no decimal places, please

(CCP Habakuk) #11

The extreme accuracy in the moon probe window is known and we have a ticket on this already. This should be improved soon (I personally would prefer to keep one or even two decimal digits, but it is not up to me anyway).

(Weaselior) #12

the fact that many of the mineral percentages are .1337 (not counting the errors caused by using floats) is one of those jokes right

(Felix Gato) #13

On the moon mineral scanning window, what do the different colors after the ore type mean? I have looked an have not been able to find anything that clarified that.

(Tuzy) #14

Will Jump Freighters or Freighters be allowed to dock?

(CCP Habakuk) #15

Yes, Jump Freighters and Freighters will be allowed to dock (same as for Engineering Complexes). The Rorqual for the Tatara is the only difference in regards of docking restrictions.

(Andrew Xadi) #16

can we get a commend for finishing structure anchoring on sisi?

(Phice Anxu) #17

Before event a command to finish anchoring, I would like to be able to do something with any structure.

When I open the Industry window in SiSi, I get this message :

Message not found
Message: 'UnknownStructureSetting’
Args: None

And it is all, I can’t do anything related to this window. Can’t launch a blueprint, can’t do science, and so can’t test stuff.

(Soldarius) #18

Known bug. Give them a bit of time to address the problem.

(Tasman Cabrillo) #19

That is going to be fixed in the upcoming patch, confirmed today by both CCP Habakuk and CCP Lebowski.

Thanks CCP bros

(elitatwo) #20

This looks promising. I can’t wait to mine- errm shoot them miners and interdict t2 production muahahahaha.