[Lifeblood] Corporate Mining Ledger

Greetings Magnificent Miners!

In this thread we’ll be gathering feedback for the new Corporate Mining Ledger. This is one of multiple threads for features related to Moon Mining, coming in the EVEs Lifeblood Expansion. See below for links to other features. Let’s get into it!

The corporate mining ledger is a new tab in the Mining Ledger (found under business in every pilot’s Neocom) that allows Directors and Accountants of a corporation to track all the mining performed in any belts created by their corporations moon drilling operations. The window shows representations of the data by day, ore type, by corporation, and more, in an easily exportable table. This data will also be exposed in corporation API data. We hope that the window is reasonable self explanatory, so we won’t go into any more details at this time. Please ask any questions you may have below.

That’s all for now, we’ll be maintaining this thread as we move through this public testing phase, and adding more information as and when it is required. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Happy testing!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

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(Now I just need to bug Tech Co till it’s available on the api :wink: )

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A quick update: I just found out that the corporate mining ledger will fail to display any data in the current version on Singularity due to an incorrect configuration. We’ll try to get this resolved asap.

Edit: This has been sorted now with the last patch. Everything should work now, as far as I can tell.

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Is there a way to get a future update to the Corp Mining Ledger to allow corp leadership see all mining preformed by members anywhere in New Eden?

Or will we need to create a tool that requires all our members to log in so we can track this ourselves?

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You’ll need to create a tool.

Are there any plans to do this on an alliance level for moon drilling operations in alliance space or for corporations within the alliance?

With alliances losing POS mining, we are looking at how we will be able to maintain income. Obviously there’s a plethora of options, including owning all the structures, renting the moons for a flat rate, renting the moons based on materials mined, etc.

Giving alliances another level of controls for this would enable them to better view how (or if) these are being used, along with just being able to view these kind of stats about their space so they can provide better reports to their members and/or CEOs.

Without an alliance level option, the only way to get this information would be to make every corp who owns a structure to submit a written report on this same information, which would frankly be a pain in the neck. Not impossible by any means, but annoying for sure.

Are there any other plans for alliance level controls like this on the horizon? I really feel that alliances simply don’t have a lot of control within the game when it comes to viewing information. There’s a few third-party tools that are great, but still requires downloading a program to get the information that should honestly be available to leadership in the first place within the game.

No need to do it at an alliance level.

You just have a director log into a tool from each corporation, and use their ESI login to pull the details.

I completely disagree that there’s no need at the alliance level.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean by a “tool”. I’m assuming you are talking about a player made tool that will come about sometime at some point, unless I can find someone that knows how to do those kind of things to make one for the alliance.

Could just be me. I’m just wishing there were more alliance-level tools available in-game to help alliance leadership manage their space. Seems like the mechanics are there to be able to institute these kind of tools, but for whatever reason they aren’t.

From my own questions response.

We will have to make a player tool as once again development is… (enter choice word here)

From my point of view. CCP developed Alliances and then sort of half baked stuff for them (meaning they didn’t make any tools for Alliances).

But there is still hope, as at some point before my mountain oysters get old and can no longer manufacture, that CCP will update things and make proper tools.

You’re much more likely to succeed with sending Steve Ronuken some ISK along with a request to prioritise developing something.

Sadly ESI raises the bar on alliance support tools and proper mining taxation relies on ESI tokens for each individual member. The most useful answer from Steve therefore will be a script / code example to show how it works and you then use that to implement something for your alliance. Most people get uncomfortable at the thought of getting everybody to add some form of SSO token to a 3rd party site.

The alliance I am in already does SSO log-ins and stuff for their forums and buyback.

So nothing new there.

Just to be clear:

Sending me ISK doesn’t make me do anything. And Basil wasn’t meaning sending me ISK could get me to try to make CCP prioritize something.

At most it’d be a personal task. I’ve passed along that some people want to be able to query it from a corp level, for individual miners. I suspect that won’t happen)

(You probably all got that you don’t need to pay me to get me to do my CSM job. I just wanted to be clear)

would have been cool to getting something like this at the fleet level

Oh agreed, sorry! I was mostly thinking that if enough people said to you “Hey, I’d really like a tool that did X and I’d be willing to chuck you some ISK for your time” it would probably help move it up your personal development queue a bit :slight_smile:

With the death of Eve-Central, I’ve had to rework all my spreadsheets. Its not much harder to use ESI than the old XML API or CREST. Tools will be had.

Wouldn’t the mining administration be simplier for both developers and players if moon mining can be taxable by corporation or alliance?

But what if I’m a ninja miner?

If dev can produce a comprehensive mining ledger to keep track of every single grain of moon ore, I don’t see any reason any kind of miners can evade a mining tax.

I’m a miner. I’m completely unaffiliated with the group who owns the refinery.

Why should they have the right to pull isk directly from my wallet?

Sure, they can bill me, but I can always just laugh at that and be on my merry way.

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The refinery owner can set a 200% tax on individuals with non-friendly standings to discourage ninja mining. If ninja want to pay 200% tax for mining the ore, he is welcomed. Auto-tax is easy for administration and transparent to all parties involved.