Dev blog: Introducing the Mining Ledger - New tools for miners in EVE Online

With the Lifeblood expansion on October 24, miners and industrialists will receive exciting new tools for their activities.


With the new personal mining ledger you can track your mining history in a fancy visual way including m3/hour and isk/hour. The new corporation mining ledger shows all activities in your moon asteroid belts. We will also provide API endpoints.

Check out the latest dev blog for further into!


Only in eve (among MMO’s) would I ever expect anyone to call graphs exciting with a (presumably?) straight face :smile:


“Mining is like a box of chocolates. You never know what rocks you’re gonna get” - Forrest Gump


When will we have the observation arrays that were announced earlier this year?


Pleaseeee don’t use icons to represent the kinds of ores, even if they have tooltips the icons are too similar to be comfortable to use, especially for newbies.

Please come up with a shorthand for them that can be put above / below the icon.

TRI - Tritanium
PYE - Pyerite
MEX - Mexallon
ISO - Isogen
NOX - Nocxium
ZYD - Zyndrine
MEG - Megacyte
MRP- Morphite

VLD - Veldspar
SRD - Scordite
PRY - Pryrox
PLA - Plagio
OMB - Omber
KRN - Kernite
JAS - Jaspet
HRM - Hermophite
HED - Hedbergite
GNE - Gneiss
DOR - Dark Ochre
CRO - Crocite
SPO - Spodumain
BIS - Bistot
ARK - Arkonor
MRC - Mercoxit


That guy’s Kernite game is weak


When they’re done.


That will be amazing! Can’t wait for it.

And @Sentient_Blade good idea and I would like it too if possible.

This can be a great addition. Keep the good work!

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This feature is awesome, and I don’t even mine. If this is a success, it would be cool to see stuff like a salvaging ledger, hacking ledger, ratting ledger, etc.

“Dear diary, today I killed 6 Guristas. It was a good day.”


Thanks for saying that. Anyone have to completely off topic post.

Also sweet stuff this ledger is.

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Personally I would like a repair ledger so I can know how good I am at repping my fleet buddies :slight_smile:


But too many ledgers and we start playing Ledgers Online heh

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Don’t. Push. Me. Cos. I’m. Close. To. The. Ledge ( r )!


How about a Torpedo delivery ledger? :sunglasses:

Pretty cool development for indy folk, kind of makes me want to see CCP do a take on the whole Your Eve Year app that shows all the things you were up to with fancy graphs and statistics.

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This sounds more exciting to me, thanks for a good thinking.

So does this work for mining other than moon mining ?? is it only available from the moon mining refinery? How about regular solo and fleet mining of Belts, Ice and Gas even?

Yes, all mining done by you will be visible to you.

Only the feature of being able to see what other people mine - Which only applies to the belts generated by the refinery.

Fleet mining trackers will likely be created using the API that the ledger has.

From the Devblog

“It allows pilots to see the types of ores, gas and ice they’ve collected”

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Yaay, graphs! \:sunglasses:/

I think perhaps CCP should put aside some staff for a hotline, so that folks who are overcome with excitement can call, and be talked down from the perils of hyper anxiety.


If I actually manage to ninja into someone’s Moon Mining operation, they get free intel?! Whether or not it involves being logged in to witness?