[Lifeblood] Personal Mining Ledger

Greetings Magnificent Miners!

In this thread we’ll be gathering feedback for the new Personal Mining Ledger. This is one of multiple threads for features related to Moon Mining, coming in the EVEs Lifeblood Expansion. See below for links to other features. Let’s get into it!

The personal mining ledger is a new window (currently found under business in every pilot’s Neocom) that allows any pilot to track all the mining they have performed. The window shows graphical representations of the data by day and by ore type, as well as an easily exportable table that allows this data to be stored elsewhere. We have actually been tracking this data now for some time on Tranquility, so pilots will find that their ledgers full of interesting ore facts to pore over on Singularity and come release day on Tranquility. This data will also be exposed in your personal API data. We hope that the window is reasonable self explanatory, so we won’t go into any more details at this time. Please ask any questions you may have below.

That’s all for now, we’ll be maintaining this thread as we move through this public testing phase, and adding more information as and when it is required. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Happy testing!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

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Any progress to report on the API side of the ledger?

The personal ledger will be available in the personal authenticated API and the corp ledger (displaying moon mining from that corp’s structures) will be available in the corp API (we are currently planning on gating this corp data with the accountant role).

Can we get a total value column in addition to mined quantity and isk per unit? Just seems sensible.

Does mining a moon belt appear in both the personal and corporate ledgers then?

Looks like. The way I understand it, personal ledger counts everything that you, personally, mine. A corp ledger breaks down mining per structure, but doesn’t see mining outside of the Tatara’s belts.

So, yeah, information might occur in both places.

Yes it does.


Does personal mining in an ore anom / ore belt show up in the personal ledger ?

Any mining that a character does should show up in the personal ledger.

I feel the menu item for the Mining Ledger should probably be under the business tab, instead of the accessories tab.

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Yeah, the price column is supposed to show total estimated value :slightly_smiling_face:
Our local servers don’t have estimated values, so I didn’t notice that I had forgotten to multiply the number, but that should be fixed soon!


/me waits impatiently for ESI to get the personal ledger :wink:


Mining killboard coming when? :grinning:


I have some thoughts on this…

Really comes down to what is displayed, because I doubt miners want to expose where they are mining.

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So the stuff that we currently mine is already tracked? So when the expansion comes online, a Corp that has a mining tax, can check what you have been mining in the past few months?

SO friggin stoked about salt-mining in the ledger.

Almost as stoked as I am sad that this wasn’t a thing while I was a hardcore miner.

I’d be shocked if it is retroactive like that

That comes down to personal responsibility, IMO. A miner can always choose to not give his API credentials to anyone.

How should I understand this differently?

Yes, it is currently being tracked and the plan is currently to open it up retroactively. If this is causing concerns, please share them with us (or with the CSM), so that we can discuss this further.