[Lifeblood] Reactions

Greetings Reactionary Revelers!!

In this thread we’ll be gathering feedback for the new Reactions Process. This is one of multiple threads for features related to Moon Mining, coming in the EVEs Lifeblood Expansion. See below for links to other features.

Without further ado, lets get into it!


For more information about how the reactions process works, please check out our reactions dev blog!

That’s all for now, we’ll be maintaining this thread as we move through this public testing phase, and adding more information as and when it is required. We’d highly appreciate it if anyone interested in the changes please go try them out on our test server Singularity, let us know what you think and submit bug reports for any problems that occur.

Happy testing!!

CCP Lebowski for Team Five 0

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Nice. Good Job. Time for some Heavy Testing!

Opening the Market Overview Tab for Composite or Biochemical Reactions crashed my client 3 times in a row when I logged in with the Market window still being being open from last session.

Is the base time of 3 Hours per Composite Reaction final?

The Reaction Skills doesn’t seem to Apply its Time Bonus yet.

Thanks for reporting this! If possible, could you submit a bug report (If you can’t get into the client properly you can report it from the website), and if possible, attach any crash dump files that you find (located in C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE)

We’ll investigate this for you.

Test Reaction Blueprint… Is a Placeholder for a new Reaction? I suppose not, but…

Good catch :slight_smile:
That’s exactly what it sounds like, a reaction type we used to test out the new process internally. It shouldn’t be published or seeded (not that it causes any harm other than confusion on SISI).

This one takes only 6 Minutes for 1 run which is much nicer to test with :wink:
It could end up being a Special Edition Blueprint! WTS (on SiSi).

Done, thanks.

All Reaction BPs have TE and ME values, we are going to be able to improve them or not?

If not, I think they should not be visible, so they dont confuse people making them think they can improve them.

Thanks in advice.

Its a good point, I’ll talk to the team about this

One very obvious feedback would be: Reaction Chains are not possible anymore. I’m curious about the motivation to leave this feature out.

is it ccp intent to include fuels block and minerals into reactions or this is just a place holder only?

@Z1gy The only thing added is Fuel. Polymer Reactions allways had minerals on them.

But yes, is intended cause the POSes are going away and the Fuel needed for the Reaction Module in the Structure is less than the needed in a POS for that Reaction. But the added Fuel is less than the needed atm per Reaction.

@Wallyx is correct

It seems that reactions can be done in Hi-sec. Is this a feature we can look forward to or just something on Sisi for now?

This is just on Singularity, and will be resolved before release.

Refinery question, have the reaction rigs impacting TE and ME been released on SISI yet along with the rigs to be able to research the reaction BPO’s. Also why limit # of reactions to 11 per character when most reaction chains require a minimum of 3 before you can see any “product”?

As it stands now, Reaction Blueprints cannot be researched for ME/TE. Rigs and their BPOs aren’t on SiSi yet, neither for Reactions nor Moon Mining (if there will be any) nor for Reprocessing Moon Ore.

Since every type of reaction will be done just like every Science or Industry activity, it only makes sense to give them the same limititations per character. It introduces Account time (PLEX or subscription) as a cost factor for reactions, which is a counter-weight to the massive simplification of reactions. You can do them remotely now, which saves you immense amounts of time and if you ever don’t feel like fueling them on schedule, you don’t risk losing your product. If the amount of reactions weren’t limited per char, you’d find running reactions becomes almost worthless.

P.S. @CCP_Lebowski @CCP_Fozzie any chance we can get the option to set automatic Calendar events for Structure Services running out of Fuel?

what will happened to alchemy and their unrefined reaction blueprint when this comes out? or will alchemy be removed altogether