New reactions

I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again.

CCP have pulled the arse out of Reactions.

I’ve been trying to articulate this and I think the best way to say it is by talking about reactions in 3 hours.

Particularly in the case of advanced materials that in 3 hours required 9 reactions to happen. (3 x intermediary material 1, 3 x intermediary material 2, 3 advanced). This was limited but not limited to the amount of POS a player maintained. So in the case of a player manage 16 poses that means, in 3 hours, 144 reactions took place.

In the new system in 3 hours, a character can run a maximum of 11 reactions because this is now limited to the number of reactions a character can perform.

so I need another 12 characters before i can react the volume of material I required (as well as enjoyed) to enjoy other aspects of the game.

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This is what manufacturing has felt like for the past 15 years. Welcome to Eve.


On the other hand, i, a hi sec dweller, can now acquire material through buy orders or ninja moon mining, react in hi sec, and am your new competition. Gone are the days where moon goo is the sole domain of nul limited to alliance or corps who can drop and protect large POS empires. Now we shall see how the market changes as reactions become more open to all.

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Then you didn’t realize there were plenty of dead moons you could run reactions on in low sec.

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Or I did not want to risk a POS I could not defend in the hopes that people wouldn’t take it out.

Where as before I would require a minimum of a small pos, associated modules, and such, now I can either risk a venture to ninja mine or see if there are any open mining spots offered by others and go from there. Refineries will appear in hi sec and I can accomplish much without The need to own and manage structures. There is no longer a high barrier to entry. So while you lament that you will need more toons, I rejoice because I can participate.

Also for groups, less need to create separate reaction corps to enable POS access control. Instead, one person sets up and manages the citadels and others can use it without needing roles.

As far as I know moon goo reaction is still limited to low/null sec, so no moon goo reaction in high sec.

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Guess you missed the part that says the reactor (the service slot) is banned in high sec.


Yes I have. It’s not listed I. The dev blog on reactions or in the recent one. It’s listed in a CCP comment. That said, it doesn’t change much. I bet there will be ample publically open refineries with the module one jump into low sec.

Heck I bet some groups will create open refineries with scheduled moon ore in the hopes that people use their station and give them tax.

Pretty good summary.

you cant react in empire, the modules for it are banned in empire


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