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I was planning to produce some Pure Synth Booster (the basic material for drugs). I got all materials (gas + garbage + helium blocks) and the BP but I got an error, that the station does not support this activity.

I checked the web and got different information about reactions. Some say it could only be produced in low sec (like drugs), others say you need a POS with bioreactor, others say you need a engeneering complex with a special rig, others say its possilbe in high sec NPC stations with a “license” (whatever that means)?!

Does someone know what its true (pls no speculations, the net is full of this)?

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Reactions were moved to the Upwell Refineries when they were introduced (Athanor, Tatara). The reaction module only works outside of High-sec. You can see all the details about the actual structure module by doing a show info in the market on the Standup Biochemical Reactor. There are rigs which influence the efficiency of the module as well but doing drug (or any) reactions does require an Upwell structure. Any information you see about POSes related to this activity have been replaced by Upwell structures.


Now that boosters are legal though, they may be capable of being made in hisec, but i dont know for sure.

The Reaction module for the Athanor specifically says “Banned in high-sec” so unfortunately, no.

I don’t think this discussion is very general

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I think your complaint is too specific.

Try asking in the Industry Gameplay Center and specifically Science & Industry.

We also have an in-game chat channels for science, which might be able to help.

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