Manufacturing Reactions in Low Sec

Hi everyone. Im aspiring to be a drug manufacturer and Reactions are a component but I just realized that they can only be manufactured on refineries in low sec/ null sec/ wormholes.

Are there any NPC refineries in low sec to do this? Or do I have to get to set up in a wormhole and find a refinery to do so? Im not part of a null sec group so I guess that is out.

Thank you

There are a very limited number of public upwell structures in lowsec. You might be able to hunt one down that you could use. Eve University might let you use their structures in Syndicate (NPC null), if you ask really nicely.

I can use the in-game Structure Browser to search. There are NPC structures in low sec with Industry services, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I can manufacture reactions in them right? How to tell?

Nobody has blown that up yet?

Imperium, Legacy and PanFam are partners in the consortium that owns it (strange bedfellows, I know). Who would be capable of threatening it if any (or all) of them showed up to defend it?

It would be funny if they paused their war every time somebody knocked down its shields.

Go into the industry window, then facilities tab and sort facilities by “public facilities” and “reaction”. You will see every public facility that can do reactions. Make sure to hover your mouse on the small reaction icon and see if it supports “Biochemical Material” which is what you need to process gas into drugs material.

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thank you. Great info

Beware that lowsec structures tend to be subject to eviction. Especially public ones.

Most lowsec ‘owners’ (example: Purple Helmeted Warriors [PHEW], known as a Pandemic Legion [PL] alt-corp, owns Derelik) really hate public structures.

In other words, don’t make one your home. Use an NPC station as your base, and do as much as possible remotely.

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Why do they hate them?

Because being public, they provide refuge to potential victims and enemies.

Or maybe it is because their cold, Grinchlike hearts cannot abide seeing visible signs of love for all mankind.

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Or maybe if you are going to deploy a structure you should ask the space owners for the opertunity to rent. Those who just pop up structures tend to be smooth brains and part of the “you can’t own low sec” community so not worth even messaging.

Well . . . You cannot own low sec. Only null blocs can do that.

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