Reactions and Drugs: How?

So I live in a WH and I have a massive amount of salvage, PI, and gas coming into the corp from people extracting it. I make approx ~1.2 bil a hour dreadnought ratting, but I dont get to play much and I much rather spend that time on pvp.

I want to pour that isk into something passive. I have tried station trading and it is very tedious and I need to be online to make decent money from it, so I wanted to try something like industry. I heard reactions was a very good way to make isk, and also drug manufacturing has high profits, but very low volume, so its hard to sell your stock without crashing the market.

So I have a few questions:

  1. What should I so reactions/idustry wise

  2. How much can I expect to make

  3. What is needed

  4. How to do it

I dont know what I should do with this isk, but I would like it so I have more time to PVP instead of ratting.


Oï mate !
I’ll try to help you with your questions :slight_smile:

Since you told us you were Dread ratting in wormhole, I suppose your corporation is established in a high class wormhole ? If you are in a C5 or C6, then congratulation, you have access to the best gas sites in Anoikis !
This sites are the Vital Core Reservoir and the Instrumental Core Reservoir. Both of them contain large quantities of Fullerite-C540 and C320, which are only found in those sites and are thus extremely valuable.

You can use that gas in Reaction for polymers, materials used in Tech III manufacturing (another good market, but quite hard to get into).

I cannot help you on the “what should I make” topic, it’s way too large for my knowledge. Also, since you live in wormhole space, Drug Manufacturing is impossible without importing the componants from outside, as Drugs are manufactured using gas from Known Space, which never spawn in any class of wormhole.

Then, you have reactions. They use another form of blueprint, Formulas, and doesn’t use mineral you can obtain from ore anomalies, but moon ore. Here are the ores only available in moons :

  • Ubiquitous : Zeolites, Sylvite, Bitumens, and Coesite.
  • Common : Cobaltite, Euxenite, Titanite, and Scheelite.
  • Uncommon : Otavite, Sperrylite, Vanadinite, and Chromite.
  • Rare : Carnotite, Zircon, Pollucite, and Cinnabar.
  • Exceptionnal : Xenotime, Monazite, Loparite, and Ytterbite.

Sadly, every moon in wormhole space, independently of the C level, only have access to the first tier of moon ore, to prevent J-Space of having the monopole for Industry, as it would be the only space where you can manufacture Tech I, II and III without any exterior help. This spreadsheet will show you every mineral contained in the moon ores, quite handy.

Since you only have access to Ubiquitious ore, you cannot manufacture even the small Tech II ships, and the Reactions using only the first tier moon goo are quite sparse (I don’t even know if they are any). You will need the properly named Reactions skill to actually use Formulas.

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So I can turn gas mined into higher materials, cool. Are there any things worth producing that can be imported as well? The corp has control over the gas, so that will be limited. How is the isk in general reacting of nullsec materials/drugs?

I’m sorry, I didn’t understood your question :confused:

How much isk can I make by importing nullsec and lowsec materials into the wormhole and making drugs or reactions?

Ah, thanks for the precisions.

Sadly, this cannot be calculated exactly as unless you live in a wormhole with an highsec static, you don’t know when you’ll be able to replenish your stock of materials from K-Space :confused:

Boosters (drugs) require special BPCs that aren’t seeded on the market, and are only obtainable by completing special data sites in only some regions of nullsec (and lowsec, I’m not sure for that one). Which mean the only way for you to get them without the hassle of searching said sites is by using Contracts, and I guess they do cost a lot because of the rarity.

CCP Greyscale made this map a long time ago, showing you the areas where you can find those sites, if you’re interested. Be careful, the data might be outdated.

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Okay. Most likely I can replenish my ■■■■ everyday. I will see if I can find a place to buy the blueprints off of those who run the sites.

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