After Reprocessing Comes...?

My long-term goals are heavily industrial. I’d like to be able to harvest resources, process them, then do something with them.

Right now my mining skills for ore (including moons) are essentially complete, and I’ve got a pretty good start on ice and gas. I’m also almost to the point where I have at least one skill level trained for reprocessing each type of ore, sort of.

Once I get that done, what would you recommend? I have only a vague notion of reactions and drugs, but I’ve heard both are popular. I’ve been holding onto most of my blueprints as well for the past month, and I’ve got about a dozen.

What industry path would you recommend I focus on next, and why? If it matters, I live in nullsec with an alliance that has a keen interest in PvP, but we have a few industrialists. I’ve gotten their opinions, which is why I looked at reactions and drugs.

What are your thoughts?

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First, drugs are great, because everyone uses them regardless of doctrine changes, etc. And you could easily sell them in Jita if you needed to.

Warp Disruption Probes are another doctrine proof item that you can make.

Nanites Repair Paste as well.

Those don’t all use just ore, there’s PI too, but you can figure that out.

Once you have three or four good pipelines going on popular items like those, then you can start branching out into invention and building T2 items and T2 ships.

Those are my thoughts anyway. Good luck!! o7


Being in null reactions is easier and cheaper than most places. And that isn’t a bad start especially if you are part of a PvP alliance, they will need lots of drugs. I will give a few starting points I myself would enjoy.

  1. Where are your local corp/alliance members getting their ships or modules? If buying some or all from a market, maybe you can fill that gap at a better price. You would make isk and you would be helping your alliance which can be pretty rewarding.

  2. Ice mining is huge if you have BlackOps or Capital ships that need to jump around. If you have really good reprocessing skills there, getting the most out of ice can help your alliance to keep jumping. It is also needed for fuel blocks, which all the structures in Null will need.

  3. If both of the above are already filled up by the alliance. Get into moon mining. There the reactions are needed now for capital ships, and some moons return normal ore which can be helpful in other industry items you want to try.

  4. If all those are filled up look for mining anomalies in your area and mine mercoxit, it is needed to build anything T2.

Hopefully that gives a few more options on your list to choose from or think about.



Find yourself an indy corp, there’ll be plenty of perfect reprocessing alts

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