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Hello, ive been gone for about 6 years and returning to EVE. Back in the day I used to have a high sec POS where I could do all my indy stuff. Now I see the structures but I tried getting using other people’s structures for invention and paying the fees, could not find a single engineering complex that allows invention. How do I do it now besides having my own complex?


There are NPC stations that allow invention.

Have you tried the facilities tab on industry window? there y can list where facilities are placed and witch jobs they allow

I tried to look for facilities via the structure finder and filter by services provided. The filter is “Industry” but it does not specify which services are provided. Some engineering complexes provide copying and/or only PE / ME only. None has invention, that I could find, structures or npc stations.

send me an ingame mail, Soni can try to help you when at home

In the industry window there are three tabs: your “blueprints”, “jobs” and the one in the middle is “facilities” that tells you about the various stations - NPC and Player owned - that perform industrial and science work.

The symbols in the middle represent the various science and industry services each location offers. You can sort on those columns if you wish or just roll down to find something near your current location (sorted by “jumps”).

If you cursor over each facility, and the service you want, you’ll see the tax rates and so forth.
I am rather assuming it only shows facilities you have docking rights at, but that is probably quite quick to determine.


Ahhh awesome! I looked only through the structure finder. Thank you!

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