Research, Copy and Invention Structures

Hello fellow pilots,

So I am looking for the best structures for Public use in EVE for Researching, Invention and Copy service in HiSec.

I have done a search for a list but have not been able to find anything to help me with this, Obviously I would like the best possible to keep the cost down to then pass over the savings to whoever buys my finished item.

Thanks fly safe o7

Use the industry window, load a blueprint with ME/TE research selected. Switch to the Facilities tab and filter for structures with research/invention services. Show structures within skill range and sort by ME or TE research index. Hover your mouse over the ME/TE research icons and check for rig bonuses in the tooltip. Switch between different structures to see their impact on research time directly.

If you use one of the structures that does not belong to Mogul or ICY, good luck with that structure staying alive long enough to complete in particular long research jobs like ME10 research. I have had to abort several jobs and wait out asset safety for a couple of jobs now in structures that did not belong to the big blue ball or because thee fuel ran out, the service turned off and I could not contact the holder.


Thanks for that, I was just confused at how i can find out this information without running around EVE in a interceptor checking the structure browser upon each new system I enter lol

Your information should help massively in my search and i hope it helps any other fellow industrial pilot who happens to come across this post with the same issue :smiley:

You can have the structure browser show all structures within a region or constellation and have it show only structures with a particular service. However, since the SB does not show bonuses from Rigs in a tooltip, the industry window is better suited for this exploration work.

Once again your information is brilliant thank you so much for your help with this :smiley:

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