New EVE Structures website

As some of us structure owners might have noticed, has ceased its service.

After a short talk with skiedude I can now announce that I will host this nice service.

However, there will be no endorsement from skiedude as he can not vouch for my honesty. As I can not make any claims for it. Let it just be said that I simply don’t have the time or the musings to sift through the database regularly or irregularly.

So I guess it’s up to you if you want to use it or not. It’s located at

Let the trolling begin.




Always good to see somebody step up and continue a 3rd party app.

May you have much success and lot’s of luck.

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What is this website for? Never heard of it.

EveStructures creates a consolidated view of all your in-game player owned stations. No longer do you need to login in dozens of characters to check fuel timers, service status or even to remember all the structures you have!

Now, from one view you can see everything on the fly. Structures are grouped by the character that has access to view them, and shows the most pertinent information


Very well explained, Sir. Very well indeed.

Hey Jesco, first of all you have my grattitude for rehosting this useful tool, just a quick question how do we get the Public Moon extraction Notifcation information to display every time i try its just says whoops this page wasnt found.


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