I tried search, no help. Anchoring guide or advice?

Hello, I’m looking for a little advice or direction to find info on anchoring structures and what you should know. I tried using the search bar, and google has been some help. I do have an idea of what it will take and all, but before I go wasting however long it takes and the ISK possibly with it, I would like to try to learn from others a little more.

So, any of you Structure gurus out there willing to help a newbro out, I’m here for it. If slowly because life.

Appreciate your time and effort.


If you want to practice the mechanics of it, you can practice on the test server, Singularity. If you want advice, I can tell you that there is no place you can anchor it that it will not get blown up by other players.


Yeah if you can’t defend it or afford to hire someone to defend it or to pay off the attackers on a regular basis then it will go poof very soon. It will produce a nice big explosion though that is well worth watching. :wink: :smiling_imp:



Thank you both for the input, and the videos of explosions, an excellent touch. I am not foolish enough to think they will be the next TTT, and that they go POOF! with sparkles and all. I am also aware and meant to add a line about the Test servers, and will indeed practice there first. I am however looking for something a little more useful than this offers. So please, bring the entertainment unless you offer some data.


Anchor an Astra on grid with a gate or station on the same XY plane. In either case, have the astra undock point to the gate/station so you can easily instawarp there without align time. Bonus points for putting the astra in-line with the station undock.

Don’t forget to put fighters in the astra, so you can use ‘em for the decloak.

Hopefully this helps you with your lowsec gate camps and asset safety station camping. Good luck.


I guess we’re not sure what you want to know.

I’ve owned a number of structures of various sorts, Azbel, Raitaru, and Athanor. As a person who plays on only a single account, I did not find the structures generate enough income to pay for their maintenance. For the most part, I operated the structures as a reason to ‘do stuff’. Myself or my corp mates would mine ice to keep the lights on. They also stir up the locals and generate content if you want reasons to fly military vessels. If you’re nice, some groups will be willing to fly in your defense, but for the most part structure conflicts were a losing battle where even if successfully defended on a day, it would blow up on a subsequent encounter.

If you multibox with alts or have a larger corporation you might save some money on industry or reprocessing, but making money was never really a goal of mine so I don’t know a whole lot about those economics. As content generators, though, I found them to be pretty fun if you put them in places that didn’t get the attention of the big wardec groups so that the scale of that content was accessible enough to smaller parties to get locals in on the action. It wasn’t cheap or profitable (for me, anyway), but I hear they say “she who dies with the most toys is still dead.”

(When I say places that don’t get the attention of big wardec groups, I am including lowsec. Lowsec was great fun and you never knew who might object to your putting something in a system until you tried it.)


That’s quite general. That’s like walking into a bakery asking for “bread”.
Here’s some official general help: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/sections/201103521-Player-Owned-Structures

Short: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/209985225-Upwell-Structures-Quick-Facts

Or do you mean Control Towers (=POS)? Player-owned starbases - EVE University Wiki


Don’t forget that as soon as you anchor anything you’ll become war declarable.

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… and can declare war :slight_smile: Don’t miss the fun!

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Alright, here’s some ‘data’ for you, slick, since you don’t find what people tried to help you with your very vague and posted-in-the-wrong-section (lots of new players anchoring structures, then? 'k) “useful” - google it. You didn’t search very well if you didn’t find anything about structures in EvE.

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