Steal - Upwell Structures

Hello Community, hello GM, hello togehter.

I want to get straight to the point!

I think it is made too easy for players to steal Upwell structures. <<<

Excample: A POS needs few minutes for unachoring and a ZITA 7 days for unachoring.

  1. It is very very easy for thiefs to check out the system for these and looking to the unanchoring time!!!

  2. It is also easy because it needs not very much cargo.

  3. The thief needs not a player-corp only a npc-corp and so we can not declare war to him.

  4. The thief need only a alt-char with minimum skill and you never see him again for fight him.

…can write more negatives…

What can I do about it as an individual ? NOTHING!!!

I mean these is simple not ok. We are talking about at least 700-800m up to several b ISK which can be easily stolen within seconds without having to do anything afterwards.

“I like EVE very much. I like the varied and dangerous world but please you must thinking about these scenario”

It can not be so easy for thiefs !!! <<<


You NEVER should un-anchor at the set time…offset it by a few hours either way…And do it on an off day when you don’t have any action listed on zKB

Same can be said for setting-up the station so…moot point.

So…that’s the same for a lot of things in Eve…

Then don’t be stupid and unanchor carefully…


If you cannot defend your structure (including scooping on decommission) because your corp/alliance is too weak/unorganized, you have no business fielding it in the first place.


The thief doesn’t know the unanchoring time. Only you do.

The thief knows it is unanchoring, but with no other knowledge and the final step could be anytime in the next 7 days. They either have to camp the system, or get very luck to find it anchored and floating in space, especially as it should only be in space for a less than a minute for you to scoop it yourself.

The smallest structure still takes 8km3. That is bigger than any combat ship can carry. You should be able to deal with an industrial ship, no?

No, the thief also needs to deal with a suspect timer. That means you, or anyone can shoot them without penalty as soon as they steal it. You can even lock them up before and scram them as soon as they go flashy.

You don’t need a war to shoot a structure thief.

That’s Eve. You can’t make the other guy log in so you can have your revenge. Revenge has to be earned in this game, but just like you the other guy may not want to undock, or can’t play the game when you want to fight him.

You need to work for your revenge, it won’t be handed to you on a platter.



First of all, I don’t think it’s OK to say I’m stupid.
And secondly, you are just boring and thinking too big. don’t think of beginners or small corps.

My scenario was that I stood there with the Occator (and with a Loki) to collect the structure and didn’t get there quickly enough. a pirate was in the system, he must have been lying in wait and recorded it. I couldn’t turn on that quickly.

But if you only think big of corps with many many member we can quit the discussion here. Thanks a lot.

Fielding structures is not for beginners or small corps.

Okay, so it technically doesn’t have to be a big corp, but it does have to be a well-organized and competent corp. Otherwise, the discussion is over then :+1:


OH MY GOD. Insults only!

I just want to make it clear that I know EVE, i am very organized more than the people how write quickly replys here without thinking!

“I just note that it is made too easy for thieves.”

But if you not intrest in these topic because you playing since years in a big corp and dont have these problems we dont need to discuss.

First think about it, think of the scenario when you playing in a small corp to get big and then write.

Sorry that I am thinking about the game.

I know what it’s like to be in a small corp that has been repeatedly bullied by larger groups and assaulted by pirates. I know what it’s like to struggle to defend your structures with and without the help of allies, thank you very much :slight_smile:

So yes, I have thought about it because I’ve experienced it. My experience tells me that only those who are able to defend structures should field them.

This is an MMO - collaboration is and should be required to achieve goals, and that includes keeping structures alive. If you want to keep your corp small and don’t want to join an alliance, then at least make friends, forge partnerships, hire mercenaries, etc who will help you defend your structures. Or do the same for the structures of other small corps - you don’t HAVE to field YOUR OWN structures when you can use other corps’ structures.

Like I said: this is an MMO… if you don’t want to interact with other players, it is your loss, because where you fail to garner strength in numbers, your enemies will certainly have the strength in numbers to destroy you even if the mechanics were changed to make it easier to defend structures.

Also: nothing I said was an insult. These are facts, not personal attacks.

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You are weak and feeble.


Please don’t judge me here. Don’t judge other players without ever talking to them. You have no idea and I don’t want to keep my corp small etc., … Just stick to the topic !!!

This is getting too stupid for me!

If you display how inept you are, should we pat you on the back?

If you put your hand in a blender, should you be told “good work?”

If you dont want to be called weak, dont show weakness.

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Yes we do because we are substantially more knowledgeable and experienced than you. We are not trying to put you down, what we’re saying is that the solution to the problem isn’t for the mechanics to be changed, but for you to better learn the game and to make more allies.

Good. That’s a start in the right direction. But you still need to learn the game better, or else you wouldn’t be asking for this.

Why werent you literally on top of it

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Some tips then.

You can warp to your structure when it is unanchored. If you are 150km away and moving in the direction of your structure, you can warp near instantly and be on it in a few seconds.

The thief goes suspect. This is a bit of a game of reaction time and execution and they can be hard to catch, or warp stabbed, but you might be able to point them and shoot them.

The thief doesn’t know when you are scooping. If you want to mess with them, stop, and restart the unanchoring process over the course of a few days. They won’t know when the real timer ends and may waste hours of their time camping the structure.

There is plenty of gameplay around structures and things you can do to outplay the thief. I think you will find your experience on these forums more productive if you ask people what those are rather than ask for the game to be changed because you were outplayed by someone else.


Personally I had high agility and a MWD on my Viator but that’s just me :smiley:

He said it best.

We are not insulting you, we are just saying you should learn from us instead of asking for mechanics to be changed. Going forward, instead of writing posts like “mechanics should change because I find this difficult!” you should write posts like “I am struggling with this - how can I improve?”

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Well you only see my weakness. small corp without alliance. : /

Ok i understand!

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Eat that :innocent:

But despite all the allegations against me and my weaknesses in the game. Thanks for the hint, not that I didn’t know this. I still think it’s not in balance in game.

I will give you more facts for a better understanding of my concern!

Check out these !!!

A freighter has 1.300.000 m3
The Raitaru has 8.000 m3

  • And now what you are thinking because of balance. It’s a joke compared to the size in space!

Therefore say think and stick to the topic.

My weaknesses are not the issue.

:globe_with_meridians: First rule of communication, do not judge other people !!!

Who is going to start the POS Bash Bounty thread? I started the last Dunning-Kruger Effect bounty thread so I’ll let someone else have a go.

I said don’t BE stupid…I didn’t say you ARE stupid. There is a huge difference there…

So you probably did it at a predictable time on a predictable day…live and learn. I have a the data on over 300 stations so you can bet others do too…

It´s OK [Runa Yamaguchi]. I am not the topic !!! Nice greetings :kissing_heart:

Many thanks in advance to everyone who doesn’t take me as the topic - Please read my last answer with “m3” balance-example!