Station Stealing EXPLOIT

I have recently brought to CCP’s attention what I consider to be an exploit used when stealing player owned stations. The tactic being used is, according to CCP, not an exploit. However there is no legal counter to this action that can be taken by players!

While I would love to explain the tactic here, I believe that this is a real exploit, and therefore I cannot communicate it without breaking the EULA and I really don’t want other players using it!

Can I please ask for a CSM Member to contact me so that I can share this problem with them.

You can try at’ing Brisc Rubal or Mike Azariah. They are the most likely to respond.

If CCP says it’s not an exploit, you can’t get in trouble for talking about it. Personally, I’m curious as to what you’re talking about, and would like to know more.

Also, a lot have players have claimed the things don’t have valid counter play options when they do, so I’m skeptical of this claim.


yeh agreed

If CCP says it’s not an exploit, then it isn’t an exploit, unless they change their mind.

And the best way to do that is to raise a ruckus and bring some attention to the issue. Best way to do that is spill the beans - what is the exploit?

If it is egregiously oppressive and without counter you will get support and CCP might look at it again. If you are just salty because you were outplayed, well, you might get teased some but at least you might get some useful advice on how not to let it happen again.


Did you start the “unanchor” process and forget to come back and scoop the structure? Or did someone bump you away just before you could scoop unanchored station and they came with their own orca to take your things away?

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This annoys me.

Anyway, this is a really good point.

If CCP says it’s not an exploit, it’s not an exploit, and you can share it.

The fastest way for CCP to actually address it is if everyone learns about it. People discovered you can exploit structures in Rogue Drone sites to rack up high positive standings for both EDENCOM and Triglavians. They ran it for about a day before publicly posting it online on social media (eve subreddit), and within 30 minutes of the method being posted publicly, CCP declared it an exploit.

It doesn’t matter that you believe it’s an exploit. Highsec garbage think ganking is an “exploit” but CCP doesn’t care about that.

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OK guys,

Here’s the play…
2 characters one in a wreathe the other in a mastodon, Fleeted warp into a unanchored station.
The wreathe scoops the station and immediately places it directly into the fleet hanger of the mastodon!
The result of this is that only the wreathe goes FY where as the loot is in the mastodon and it is not FY!! The mastodon warps off unable to be legally killed!

The defense fleet pops the wreathe, as it is the only legitimate target, but it does not contain the loot…

I tried this myself to check and indeed it is as described.

I did flag this to CCP but it is not considered an exploit.


Yep. This is known stealing and baiting method. Used not only for structures.

But, if you can afford structure you should have bumping mach to protect loot. Also you know exact second station drops. Why you don’t have hauler ready?


why should this be a bug ? its just your fault not to scoop it just in time so dont blame CCP or anybody else if you failed


I believe an often recurring theme in the original creation and ongoing development of EVE was when there was or is an unintented consequence or gameplay feature they would 1) deem it an exploit if they could fix it 2) deem it not an exploit and in fact “intended” if they couldn’t. Of course its also possible this ridiculous situation was actually part of the very much intended griefing I often point to. This is very much like an exploit even if CCP has declared it not so.

And that if you put it in your own cargo hold you go suspect, but if someone else in your fleet does it for you, you don’t, is sheer madness. There may be PREVENTATIVE counters but something this crazy should not need to be countered in such roundabout ways. There should be direct counters

Eve is a great game, but I have always had an issue with the fact that the answer to just about everything is “BLOW IT UP”. Kidnapped damsel in a habitation module? BLOW IT UP. Need to get some dangerous virus out of a pirate ship? BLOW IT UP. But a criminal duo can have one make off with a structure without so much as a yellow flashy so you can BLOW HIM UP without penalty? And meanwhile shooting someone’s loot gets you ganked by Concord? Ridiculous.

I wish there were a way to steal back stolen cargo without needing to blow anyone up. Might be nice to add a new “felon” flashy status, make one of the flashies orange, and rework the whole system. One status could make it possible to electronic warfare a player, raid their cargo and then Concord comes along, breaks all target locks and frees them after a time.

Yep you just got out played.

And just where was YOUR hauler when YOUR structure unanchored?
Y’all screwed up and are trying to blame CCP for someone’s clever use of game mechanics?

He never blamed CCP. Stop trying to cause a fight.


they’re calling it an “exploit”, which would be placing blame on CCP for allowing it to happen.

Reaching for Pluto rather than manning up and admitting you assumed too much. In fact, blaming CCP would more likely come in the form of insisting its a feature, rather than an unintended hole in the programming, ie, an exploit.


Not an exploit, just a consequence of the strange high sec looting rules.

Your options are:

  • loot faster
  • bump enemy looter out of range
  • gank enemy hauler

And for all these options you could ask for help or pay others if you can’t do it alone.


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There is a simple fix for all of this ninja looting stupidity. Simply make it where if you accept cargo from a suspect player, you in turn become suspect. Simple, easy to implement, and will take care of almost all of the problems people run into.

CCP claims this is not an exploit, however I believe that it is more of an oversight in the rules. These people do not add content, they put forth no effort on their own, they are simply thieves who live off of a gap in the rules. It’s time to close this loophole.

Post here, mail to the CSM members, its time for this stupidity to end.


they had to scout your unanchoring structure, try and figure out when it would actually unanchor. get their haulers in place. watch and wait, and wait, and watch, and wait and then have everything go right for them to actually nabble the structure out from under your nose.

that’s a lot of effort by the thieves that the structure owner can bring to nowt with just a mere hint of thought and preparation.

as the structure owner, you know right down to the second when it will unanchor. you’re holding all the advantage. why your own hauler wasn’t in warp, set to land when it unanchored ready to scoop it is 100% your fault.