Invasion Standing Bug/Scam

Hey, just found a new “Scam” today (not sure if intended mechanic or a bug). I was undocking in Tierijev to support Edencom in the fighting of the Invasion there. There was a large Edencom Fleet on the Station and not Trigs, so I felt safe. However, there was a Basilisk that had probably negative standing with Edencom, because the fleet attacked it.

Then he repped my ship, which resulted in Edencom attacking ME!

Just be careful. This can not only happen at a station I think. It could probably be used to attack OLogi ships or ships at gates and If I had a timer or would be sitting at the station at 40km, Edencom surely would have killed me in seconds.

This must be a bug right? ô.O


This sounds like a bug. It should not be possible for someone repping you to trigger an attack by friendlies. Sounds like an issue in the aggro/targeting mechanics.

Did you raise a ticket?

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This sounds like it should be an exploit notification until a patch is rolled out @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora

One of our Basilisks nearly died because of this. He was in half shields when he docked after showboating back to the docking area.
I think this should be a bug.
A Nestor battleship that was with a trig fleet also abused this in an edencom site against our OLogi, but since their leshaks did pull quite the aggro it wasn’t working.
However with good fleet coms, it may be possible to warp out/stop fire for the OLogi to be targeted.

I’m not sure if it works the other way around but I think it’s quite possible.
Just imagine someone jumping into an edencom system with a orca or freighter, be repped by a trig logi for a second and getting blown up by edencom. Seems like not intended gameplay ^^

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:red_circle: You should really try to repair/give capacitor to one of their ships when they engage a roaming fleet.

You posted this in fiction portal… just don’t. Still, I don’t think that’s how it works. For example, repping trig ships doesn’t get you bad standings with EDENCOM, almost like standings doesn’t care about Logistics. In your picture in the fiction portal (which you should probably post here as well), EDENCOM was red. This means you have negative standings with them. You should probably check.

She posted this in the fiction portal on the not-unreasonable assumption that the offending pilot knew of this exploit in advance, and even if they didn’t, they should have known that Komi et al. did not need reps and should not have received them. She did everything short of placing a bounty, but she did call him out. @Komi_Valentine should probably change the category to Crime & Punishment where it will get more attention from the right people not just in terms of “punishment” but also in terms of exploit PSA. The post can still be written in RP.

Well the IGS article is about the gal/EDENCOM fleet commander, not any capsuleer ^^
Like why would they attack their own support ships? Doesn’t make sense. Don’t think you can add bounty to non existing NPCs :confounded:

We all know the underlying message behind your post. You don’t have to pretend otherwise :wink:

Well the underlying message is: CCP fire the gallente FC and fix your AI ^^

Okay, let me clarify:

This merits a Crime & Punishment thread for NeuroDeath since he knew the response his action would trigger. It doesn’t even have to be a bounty thread, it just has to be a call out. Most people don’t look at IGS for that kind of thing (or IGS at all).

I for one am going to abuse the **** out of this mechanic until it is fixed or declared exploit.

It doesn’t have to be declared an exploit to get you banned, just FYI.


So be it. Because the other side will most certainly (ab)use this mechanic.

“Eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”
I won’t use it. Just be a little careful while doing OLogi. And especially around stations with large amounts of “friendly” NPCs :slight_smile:

My experience shows that the Leshaks or other ships pull the aggro back quickly. However, there could be some trick like warping the whole fleet off that leaves your logi alone with the friendly NPCs attacking you.
I think around stations it’s the most exploitable, because the logi that provokes it can easily dock up.

Red only indicates aggression in this case, NOT standings.

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You can also see the two BS being still white to me, probably because they have a longer lock-time or whatever^^

I reported a bug of a case where trigs attacj me while being white.
Nobody repped me. They just went from white, to red and shooting. did not lose my noobship though because I warped at 100.