Theft of moon ore and war

After you can steal the moon-ore from highsec moon stations, it has been organized.
As HiveDrill
who comes with a fleet of 10 orca.
And have the player in battelship pushing us as the owner of the station away.
We cannot declare war on them.
Had we been able to do this, they would have moved to noob corp.
I’m sorry to say so.
But if we do not find a solution, I take fuel from stations and go Alpha.
Since I have no turnover and therefore no need to play Omega.
This applies to all alliance stations and all members.
Since we have been meeting about it and no one can see the other resort.
Have a nice day.
Miu Mau out.

Move to lowsec. There you can freely shoot the thiefs. Problem solved.



Me and my friend @Black_Pedro are looking for content and this sounds like it qualifies. We’re primarily a mining corp, just recently finished our last project making us 18 billion isk from mining ore from the second-to-last mining event, stockpiling it and selling the refined materials during this event.

We consider ourselves to be miners with teeth, though our online times have been lacking in the last weeks due to personal reasons. Now that the situation starts to normalize, we’re looking for content.

If you’re willing to help us, we’ll be willing to help you, too.

Please send me a mail, in game, so we can figure out when we can do a live chat for intel exchange and planning, assuming our TZ allow for it.

Thank you.


“I don’t care, just give up and run away.” - Tipa

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I had not thought of running anywhere.
I have played since 2005.
Why should I get away from the game.
Mænd når jeg mister 10.000.000. m3 malm bliver jeg gal.
And I might as well be pirate as an alpha player.
When CCP thinks it’s ok at tyve has more rattigheder.

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That second post of mine was for Tipa, not you.
Please re-read my first. I am offering potential help.


Sorry :slight_smile:

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You think it’s legal to be a thief. and that should not be changed.
I do not want to see the world at all believe it is ok.
Why escape from something that is wrong.
I live here with my children because I am disabled and this I can with my children.
Why it must be destroyed. because some AFK orca mining fools.
Hire someone. to keep us away. from our belts while removing 70%

I’m sorry to tell my kids that we haven’t earned enough for their Omega. Since I can only afford to pay my two characters.
I’m not giving up. But my choice is to become alpha pirate and smash mining dones at highsec twenty for the rest of my time in EVE.
That is, as long as this is possible.

I am Danish Viking. I’m not giving up I get mad and crazy.

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No idea if you’re mailing me, but here’s some general advice:

  • Bump them off the field. Primary the ships they deposit ore into.
  • Use high yield mining ships to mine exactly the roids they mine.
  • Research their zkill pages, maybe it offers clues about who they are or if they belong to a corp.
  • If they use freight cans and you have a freighter, you can pick up these cans without going suspect.

In any case do I hope we’ll be hearing from you, and considering you’re apparently absolutely willing to fight, I’m sure we can figure out a battle plan somehow. Also, posting in the CSM subforum, requesting a way to deal with them, while pointless at the surface, at least gets your voice heard. Ignoring the morons who suggest running away will help too.

It’s well within your rights to demand a way of dealing with competition. Sure, the ore is public and competition is good, but when there’s no actual way of deal9ng with assholes who hide behind game mechanics and when you potentially have to deal with bots or multiboxers, or cheaters, then things are ■■■■■■ up.

CCPs ■■■■■■■■ propaganda about “showing skin in the game” definitely should apply to everyone who actually competes with others.

It is indeed unacceptable that you have no way of dealing with them without suffering severe penalties like GCC and secloss. In any case: Don’t take down the structure prematurely.

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CCPs ongoing work on the wardec system is a good sign there may be ways to deal with these kind of situations in the future. For now tho it seems the only way to deal with these “high-sec belt griefers” is to fight fire with fire.

Get a Machariel or two and start bumping their Orcas out of the belt. This is currently a perfectly “legal” mechanic and will not result in any penalty. Even one or two players doing this relentlessly can make it too much hassle for this particular dude to try his methods on you again. (There are plenty of belts, no reason to keep coming back to a belt you never get peace on.)

If that doesn’t deter, and you have some number of players/alts, you can always escalate to actual ganking. Take out a couple of his Orca’s every time he comes for your belt and he’ll be losing ISK on the attempt.

You got mail in game.

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I have been helping to shoot 27 T2 mining drones.
16 T1 mining drones. With one of my kids characters.
If you can tell me how we bumber 10 orca and 4 battelship that bumber us off the belt. So they can have it in peace.
He does not care. He enters suction over 50% and disappears again.
The 10.000.000m3 is a big part of our survival in Allaince.
Teach me to shoot Orca in highsec … !!

The station records how much you do mining.
CCP should be able to create a system where you can send a bill via this system.
If you don’t pay your bill within 5 days, shoot on site. Until it’s paid.
It’s just make it that way. you can vary the price from Est.Price from 1% to 50%.
Instead of making the moon stations I’ve set up public, doing so I can’t legally punish those who steal.

There’s a non-offensive module called “ship scanner”. The closer you are to the target, the more reliable the result is. If you want to help, scan the orcas and the battleships. the more modules visible in the results, the more likely it is to be correct. make screenshots, upload them on imgur and send me the link.

I’ll talk to my friend to figure out if we can blow him to smithereens together.

Unfortunately, they have left our station for this time. There is no more ORE to come by.

But 10 Orca pilots from 2019/03/06 mining AFK - Boot mining with Battelship help.
See and judge for yourself… i see macro miners…

I only really care about those affecting you personally.
If others affect other people, they should speak up as well.

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Stopped reading halfway cause this is all your doing…

This is great! :rofl:

The New Order of Highsec officially supports this product or service.


I see a miner who wants to declare war on another dirtbag miner.

Everything about this makes me happy for the future of eve… except that he can’t declare war and attack him with all that fury.

For the love of the game, CCP… give this man a mechanic to kill these bastards!