About moon mining after the decbal

Continuing the discussion from Dev blog: Upwell 2.0 - Structures Changes Coming On February 13th!:

This leaves only suicide ganking as the lone alternative to killing people mining your refinery’s ores if they have no structures in space.

I’m not a miner, nor am I an industrialist, but I see a couple of pretty big issues here.
Most notably the soon-to-be inability to attack legally members of corporations poaching ores just because they don’t have a structure…

Most miners won’t want to suicide gank as it would:
1- destroy their sec status
2- killright

I feel like this aspect has been overlooked just so that a few people can be totally safe from easily avoidable wars :thinking:


shocked No way!

Although that wasn’t really an issue before either because you could just do the ninja mining in NPC corps. I wonder if it will give rise to actually ethical ganking. :smile:


Ganking isn’t really an option thanks to the ehp of orcas and exhumers. I am one of these miners that steals moon ores. The current situation is silly, but at least it is temporary. Decs against structures is, i hope, i stop gap measure until decs can get a proper fix.

But like rivr says, npc corp miners were always immune.

Can i just say that carebears keep asking for more protection from ganking and wardecs, and further nerfs to ganking and wardecs, and here were are again, witnessing how those same nerfs always come back to bite the very people they were supposes to protect in the arse.


I love it, lol. If you have the structure, your ore gets stolen, and you might get wardecced. If you don’t have it you are safe. Huzzah for bringing the price of moon ores back up for us nullsec folks lol.

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Mind you, I was a deccer and I think this whole ordeal is just plain dumb

It can only really go downhill from here imo


Inb4 mining moon rocks gives you suspect flag and refinery owners start scamming miners into mining their belts.

I own a high sec refinery that is setup for moon mining. While I can’t really do anything against the guys in NPC corps stealing ores from my belt, I generally tend to not care when they are mining equally.

Lately however I have two characters in Orcas mining all and only the Arkanor off my moon belt and that is irritating. I basically have 1 day to mine everything I can before these cats show up while I sleep and mine it all out before I wake up the next day. Vultures I can’t stand as is, cherry picking vultures are worse…

If I’m mining somebody else’s moon belt 1) I ask first, and 2) I give a 5% kickback of everything I mine. Common courtesy.

Welcome to High-sec. You don’t like it you’d have to leave the protection of Concord. You’d never have this problem in low, null, or WH space. Well, maybe the sec status loss in low. The only way to control your belt would be to move.


leave high-sec. problem solved.


It is not your belt. It is not your moon. It is not your ore.


If you can only put 1 refinery per moon, and it happens to be yours, it technically males it your moon


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Ah to join one of the F1 monkey alliances where everyone uses rorqs under a supercap umbrella

Top tier gameplay is what everyone wants /s

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I’m sure that the major alliances in Null and Low would beg to differ. As stated and ignored by you however is that I realize in High Sec there isn’t much to be done about it. I just wish common courtesy existed however, and especially in the internet pixels arena, people tend to gain profits in any way they can and forgo all ethics they would normally utilize in the real world.

I gotta agree with him. You don’t own it. Unless of course you can backup your claim with force


Squatting doesn’t mean you own the moon, you own the station and the parking space it occupies, the moon belongs to whoever owns the planet the moon orbits around, as such all planets and moons are owned by NPC’s they just permit you to harvest resources from them without concord busting your ass for wilfully destroying an orbital body :stuck_out_tongue:

CCP want wars to have goals, so its extremely unlikely they will remove the structure requirement because then we go straight back to the current war system where people can declare war on any corp they want regardless of if that corp is actually able to fight back, so this is likely to be a permanent change to make the system have an actual goal


Working as intended?

Well, the simple fix would be to allow upwell structures to shoot, freely, any ship mining its ore in a sort of special suspect status.

That’s the other side of broken…

Orcas are easy, just bump them away.

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How so?