High Sec Moon Poaching?

I guess moon mining in HS is a thing. So what prevents swarms of care bears from moving and poaching the goo?

What y mean exactly? And not only carebears do moon mining xD

Everyone does the moon mining. I just figured care bears are less likely to be war dec’d.

And anyone can come to mine your moon once its cracked right?

So how do the operators police this?

Buy a mining permit and bump/gank anyone that poaches.


If you want someone out of your moon you can bump his orca or barges away from belts and even steal his augmented drones xD

I would say it’s a solution but CODE don’t stick to their word. also i doubt you will gank orca fleets. all I see from CODE is a few wanderers with old junky destroyers. Mining permit is a scam just admit it

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Trying to bump or out mine the intruders.

Funnily enough suicide ganking isn’t considered an option despite how ‘easy’ ‘no risk’ and ‘cheap’ it’s claimed to be.


What’s the maths on the suicide ganking anyway for a mining fleet?

There was quite a bit of discussion that took place on this a few months back. As you can see the topic sparked quite a bit of debate on both sides:


Because normal hiSec carebears do enjoy their security status?

(And proactively hates suicide ganks as a concept so anyone of them actually trying to do it would invoke “You became the very thing You swore to destroy” meme deployment)

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So keen to make a dig, as people are mostly moon mining with Orcas, only a complete moron would say it is cheap and easy to gank an Orca. And most morons have left the game… :joy:

In terms of the OP’s question, most people who certain HTFU people define as care bears would rather not do that because they might have some sort of respect to what they will see as the investment of others. So generally it does not happen…

Nothing. It’s so bad, even carebears are whining about other carebares taking their ore. The only person who came up with a sensible idea was @Haulie_Berry, who suggested that everyone who mines ore there, who isn’t in the corp of the moon mining structure, gets suspect state.

That’ll still hit new players the most,
but at least it forces the bears, who use structures, to actually commit to them.

Read this for a nice summary about the situation and take note that carebears only ever care about new players when it suits their narrative, but don’t give a ■■■■ about them when it affects them personally.

Read the whole post, not just this short paragraph.


There’s tons of those assholes out there, who constantly claim it’s super easy and that Orcas can just be ganked away too. They’re hypocrites, like most carebears are.


Hi Sol, I hope you are well today. I had a bit of fun te last week with a war dec, ended up with a nice juicy Leshak kill.

Anyway this.

I totally support this idea, then they can defend what they deem to be theirs and if they whine in the forums then they deserve to be laughed at.

Orcas if properly fit are at the high end of the gankers target list, top is of course the Ark with a certain fit and certain high end implants, then a Bowhead and then the Orca, followed closely by a full bulkhead fit freighter, the Charon being the weakest of course.

All of the above require a certain amount of firepower, people could debate the whole thing about whether this is easy or not, my only focus was on the bumping part as in making it too easy to setup the prey, now that is sorted I would say the balance is correct.

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Hey! It’s okay. If the weather got better (It’s grey. Grey everywhere.) I’d improve, but I’ll survive.

Yes! Agreed! At least, we can hope that they’ll stop, but experience shows that they never do that. I stand by my words: When miners go suspect for mining “someone elses” ore, they will learn that they’re unable to compete and the only ones who are getting shot at are the rookies, who don’t know better.

Not really, because the vast majority of people simply can’t gank Orcas.

Masses of Orcas are oppressive as ■■■■. When you have to deal with 20 Orcas then there’s nothing you can do, except bumping them, and even that’s futile in the long run.

Ah well… I gotta run. o/


Pretty grey here too, though thankfully no floods.

I think that making people go suspect on this would add content. It is a pity that CCP don’t think about this as a good idea.

There will be changes to structures in terms of timers soon which might change the overall balance here in that removing the Athanor becomes easier and those Orcas will not matter. We will have to see.


So that Suspect idea seems a winner.

For me I just wondered if the poaching was even a thing.


People did poach but mainly in the area around Jita.

but it IS super easy. The orcas are slow, you KNOW where they are, they can’t defend themselves.
Just, it’s not cheap. as the orcas are. and you need at least 6 people, plus the looter. You can use alts too, but then it may become more expensive.

Hypocrites like sol here pretend it’s difficult, while it’s more easy than to gank a freigther (depending on the fit of the freighter, and the orca). The truth is, it’s not economically viable : you have to pay more than what you destroy. And that means like, in order to sustain such an activity, you need to have external source of income - just like mining, which is what sol hates the most and as such he can’t accept to have to do the same thing. That’s why you see him crying, babyraging, because his brain can’t deal with reality. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

Looks pretty easy, that is at the level of a cargo expanded freighter and looks highly optimised for mining. 247,180 EHP for one of my characters:

As compared to this:

[Orca, Combine Harvester II]
Reinforced Bulkheads II
Damage Control II

Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II

Mining Foreman Burst II
Shield Command Burst I
Auto Targeting System I
Small Tractor Beam II
Large S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster
Salvager I

Large Transverse Bulkhead II
Large Drone Mining Augmentor II
Large Drone Mining Augmentor II

Which is 400,699 EHP which is akin to a bulkhead freighter.