Requesting Event: Suspect for moon ore miners outside of drill's corp/alliance. updated

This is based on the idea of @Haulie_Berry.

Plenty of apparently slightly conflicted players,
who build up moon drills in highsec,
are complaining about how undeccable people can mine “their” ore.

I put the their in marks, because it’s not actually their ore,
despite them setting up a moon drill.

In reality it’s everyone’s ore,
much to the dismay of those who set up the structure.

The argument that one should set one up the drill lowsec is valid, but also silly,
because it would fundamentally suggest people in highsec run moon-ore-charities.

While I believe that suicide ganking can be an option,
when the opponent’s fleet consists solely of Orcas and Skiffs,
it is unreasonable to assume that the broad mass is able to deal with it.

Those who want to fight back have no option to do so within their immediately apparent capabilities. Thus Haulie Berry came up with the idea of simply making everyone outside the corp’s structure suspect, with ACLs being completely ignored.

The reason for the exclusion of Access Lists lies in the fact that then the very people, who claim to wish to fight back, would be abusing it by hiding in undeccable corps, shielded from the potential war about their moon drill.

Taking “highsec logic” and boiling it down to the essentials, it’s actually inconsistent.

  • You can protect stuff in your ship’s wreck when someone wants to steal it. (ignoring Suspect/GCC)
  • You can protect stuff in NPC wrecks you’ve created.
  • You can protect stuff in jetcans you’ve created.
  • You can not protect stuff that’s being created by your structure.

In short:

  • Everyone outside of a moon drill owning corp/alliance receives a suspect state for mining its respective moon ore.
  • To balance this with HighSec’s mechanics and prevent abuse, ACLs shall not be considered here.

This way, literally no one except the very owners of the structure (the characters, as it should be!) are able of “safely” mining the ore in question.

If this proves to be a successful event,
I ask for it to become a permanent feature.

Thank you and thank you to Haulie Berry for this idea.



Thank you for wanting to destroy collaboration. I have had a moon in the past and had at some point 3 different corps and alliances mine on it and contribute to the fuel cost. Thank you for wanting to destroy that.

Thank you for voicing your opinion.
I’ll be sure to run locator agents on you.

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Ive been saying this for months.

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You know why is it carebear when high-sec wants suspect timers for bumpers yet now the other side wants suspect timers for mining what’s in the environment?

Bad enough that belts are often wiped out by CCP bots, and ice belts are guarded by BS who bump others out, I mean come on, what’s fair is fair, no to suspect for mining ore that’s become part of the community, and when those in the community want a gated community all to themselves, safe space, just like the war dec intended if you can’t defend it don’t put a structure up right?

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I would suggest corp & alliance.
Ignoring blatant exploits an alliance is war deccable if any Corp in it has structures.
So anyone in the alliance isn’t hiding, and it permits good cooperation while still solving the hiding out of corp in an undeccable group issue.


Form an alliance?

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Why? I want to stay independent with my alt corp but wanted to allow groups that formed and lived around my system to participate and help me with the moon. No to mention that the people from these groups were in individual alliances already.

I still need to run those locator agents.
Can you actually defend your moon drill?

You’re right!
I’ve quoted your post and changed mine and the title.

You can run the locator or just let me tell you I am in Chaven. However, both the locator money or the knowledge that I am in Chaven are useless because I sold the moon nearly a year ago. I harvested it for the better part of a year but it turned into too much work, the people I mined it with stopped playing, moved elsewhere or just became less active. Hence, I do not have the moon anymore. But to spike your intrigue: No, I could have never defended it. I had it because I wanted to mine again, because it was new, and because I wanted to work closer together with the people in that area. It worked for a while and we had a good time. :slight_smile:

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Okay, that clears things up for me.

I’d like to point out to everyone that I am, in fact, not a time traveller.

I am not able to jump to last year,
get CCP to make these changes,
and thus “destroy his collaboration”,
despite what he thinks I’m capable of doing.

Furthermore would I like to point out that,
in fact, any changes I suggest are not affecting the past.
In no way or form do I have the power to change the past.

I’m well aware that that’s what ever allmighty time traveller would say.

What an asshole. :roll_eyes:

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They can. They just go suspect.

According to most bears this is hardly a deterrent.


sigh…this ■■■■■■■■ idea again???

Like really, how about no…
The rocks really do not belong to anybody, just the station that created them.

Like I mean really…I had a fellow EvE player about a week ago tell me he had made a list of over 400 offline Athanors in about 3 days of looking for other ppls moons to mine. Offline, thats a real problem not this suspect garbage.

The inability to reasonably defend the ore your athanor makes couldn’t possibly be related to people not bothering to keep them fuelled now could it…

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Your reasoning used to be better in the past. Are you accountsharing with Solstice? His last post is just as incoherent as your two-liner. Punishing collaboration and inviting even more destruction to an activity that already pays nothing but a famine wage surely will improve moon mining so much that everyone will flock to it like flies to dump.

On the contrary. I’m pro-meaningful choice. Pro-content.

There should be a reason to commit to a corp/alliance that has structures in. The ‘collaberation’ is a thinly veiled cheap work around.

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  1. As you did it, we must assume you did it because it was worth it.



■■■■ off?

Make me. :slight_smile:

Just because I shared something like the ore of the moon with someone doesn’t mean it’s not a famine wage. But that is probably a concept that does not fit into your constrained mind. Here is a breathing bag for you, this helps with your banshee screaming attacks. :slight_smile:

Of course you are. Because forcing people to play only the way you want them to play is “pro-meaningful” and everything else should be punished. Instead of having different groups work together, everything should be geared towards the formation of ever bigger groups. That led to so much content in null sec among other places. “Pro-content”. :joy: You and Solstice really are a match made in heaven here.

  1. Define famine wage. Compared to other high sec mining.
  2. Consider that to make it worth more there has to be reasonable counter levers.
  3. Consider that having something which penalised you for not being in the same alliance will lead to the creation of strong small and medium sized alliances in highsec who will be capable of standing up to war decs. And that this is a very good thing for the health of the game for alliances and corps to grow in high sec.

There are very strong benefits for a suspect timer on moon ore, and very weak downsides.

uhm no, like seriously 400 off line moon stations… that tells me a lot of dead corps, and quite possibly the players quit.

And if that is true I think there is more than being not able to defend the stations as a reason.

Btw, one does not defend an ore belt, thats just stupid.