Theft of moon ore and war

You mean the old wardec mechanics that everyone bitched about but now needs…


Old war mechanic wouldn’t have helped either. These types of people would just be - and usually still are - in a NPC corp and undeccable regardless.

The new wardec mechanism is a vast improvement over the old one. Still needs some improvements tho. Specifically, finding ways to compete over these sorts of resources, where nobody can hide by joining a NPC/undeccable corp.


Some human beings are just more stupid than others.
And yes it may be that I have stepped on the toes by asking for payment.
Or publicly told. a streamer who claims he always pays. But never pay. Is the reason for my problem.
Could be the reason for my problem.
The problem is no bigger than it can be solved.
It’s a bigger issue. Since Orca kitten in highsec has become difficult.

I came to tell publicly in game that MarkeeDragon never paid ISK to mine at our stations. Although he constantly claims it on his stream.
So it may also be why someone wants us to leave our stations.

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Sorry I didn’t call back yet, still waiting for my friend to settle.

Its ok…
On the movie I made. I have been scanning the ships…
Hope it can be used…

Being able to dec anyone you wanted at anytime regardless of structures was the key to stop miners like this…

But carebears are against everything to prevent everything…ganking would solve this problem you wardec them to push them into a NPC Corp so they pay hire taxes on things… Then you ganking them… It saves everyone but the person blowing up time and money.

Not true… As before those “thieves” where under NPC corporations.

It’s true… Pushing alts and others into NPC corps are better for everyone

I completely away from the matter in discussion. Never told it was bad or good for any one. Told just that your statement was not true, as people before wardec changes just did the same being in NPC corporations

You obviously missed the point

I did this to have something with my kids.
They do not want to play more if it is to be so.
I have asked them to think about it. Before the stations have run out of Fuel.
#MiNi Miu is my main character.
And have only been in highsec for my children’s sake.
I suddenly understand why so many new ones. Stops with EVE again.
It’s a sad development. But I can not care. If my kids don’t bother playing anymore. I just need my 2 characters in 0.0
And there I must shoot at all reds.
They have been allowed to think about it. until they run out of fuel.
Then we have to see if they switch to Fortnite as their comrades play.
I might also learn that one day.
So I can have 1 omega character over time. Instead of 3.
Then we have to see if the rest of the alliance wants to continue it. But think it all is put on sale.
It could be there were some pirates who will take over.
CODE. always have pilots in the area. So I could well hear whether they had intrasse.
Get Off My Lawn and Goonswarm Federation As they often come and shoot Ice mining ships in the area. So there are many to sell it to. If the price is right.
But if my kids stop. I move back to 0.0…
So yes you just call me carebaer.
I had something good running with my kids.
Now that I can’t play ball with them. because of my wheelchair.
And yes it was fun and wonderful while it was on and I enjoyed it.
And yes sad that such idiots must destroy it.
But liver goes far and 0.0 is big. And I find something else to do with my children without EVE.
So take good care of yourself. Everyone else doesn’t do it for you.
Remember the IRL is more important than a game. And cheaper without. :wink:
Fly safe. <3

What kind of a wall of stream-of-consciousness nonsense is this?

EVE is hard, bro. This isn’t news. :avocado:


Greetings, please mail me i.would like to talk more with you

It has nothing to do with if it’s hard. It has something to do with ISK farmer again destroying the game.
I have been playing since 2005. I was there when BOB lost the war.
I know what the game is about.
Therefore, I also just get tired of seeing it get destroyed.
I have nothing against highsec pirates. You can fight it. But you can’t fight these fools as CCP has accepted that it’s ok.
It has nothing to do with if it’s hard to play…

CCP, stealing from containers and wrecks starts a suspect timer. Why is there no suspect timer for stealing moon ore?


Because you can’t own the moon

No, this is absolutely NOT the way to go.

Well I’m not really used to the subtleties high sec mechanics as I rarely visit high sec.

But I’m curious, why do you think a system that already exists to make retaliation against stealing possible in high sec is not the way to go for moon ore?

You would have to give ownership of the roids themselves. It is not ore until someone (including NPCs) mine the ore from the roid and hold it in a cargo or ore hold. Only then does it become ‘property’. Possession is everything.

I don’t think that is the right way to deal with this in terms of game mechanics.