Bans on HS exploiters

I and my corp are frankly getting tired of the exploiting going on in HS. CCP you need to act. Anytime you see a killboard like this.

Ganks happen along with corvetts being killed by concord, this is an exploit. Its drawing away concord so they can continue to harass people in high sec with the exploitative behaviour. All you have to do is stop letting little ships have such an advantage over large ships. Sure stop the size escalation but this is going too far the other way. And have concord respond regardless of where they are.

Maybe miners of high sec should strike until we see some changes. If this is the new game play then give orca the ability to aoe in high sec at the 20km range that only hits people with acitve weapons on you.


So have they actually killed you? Or you’re just salty cause their effective?

CCP already ruled it not an exploit. And uh, this gotta be trolling right fam?

AoE from an orca? For what reason should a mining ship have a default AoE weapon?

Yes, go on strike :smiley:


ya it looks like a bot fleet from these former CODE guys. And CCP didn’t rule on nothing. This is bull.


Uh no they did. There’s whole reddit threads and other info.

Some of them are former CODE most likely.

But yea, CCP ruled pulling CONCORD isn’t an exploit. Sorry bruv, your crying was DOA :smiley:

Also if you were smart you would realize you could also pull CONCORD to keep you safe.

You’re welcome :smiley: That’ll be 100 mil for that life saving knowledge. Just send to me k?


Well, they walked back that action HOWEVER it is and always has been true that if you cause an unreasonable delay on CONCORD that is not OK. You can draw CONCORD away from the target grid, but not WHILE you are performing the gank. If you do so then your fate is up to the GMs, who are somewhat inconsistent on this topic.


True, but it still isn’t an exploit in terms of what the OP is saying.

All the gankers I know have it down to clockwork. Gank, warp off, reship, pull, wait, repeat.

What I do not agree with is people calling wolf like this when they don’t even know the facts or info really.

No one is exploiting. I wish people would just learn to EVE.

Also your guides are helpful in that regard so thanks :smiley:


Oh yeah, I agree that it is extremely unlikely this incident crosses the line, I was merely clarifying what was appearing to be a disagreement about whether CCP made a “ruling” on it.

A GM acted on it, double-downed on it, then walked it back. That’s basically where we are at AFAIK

Junior GM can make mistakes.

True haha.

I always wonder why peeps don’t understand pulling CONCORD can also be a defensive action.

To defensively pull CONCORD you have to perform a criminal act. And everyone knows only evil players perform criminal acts.


Apparently LOL.

chaotic good also can.


Im sure i seen it mentioned here, for either side, pulling concord isnt exploitive


Pulling concord is legal. Delaying concord is an exploit. Now with most PVE/PVP activities people have pretty much cracked the formula on how to do it. Ganking is an activity where it’s been cracked regarding how to Gank/timing and so on. Same thing with many other things like Incursions/Lv 4 missions’ heck even mining.

Ganking is a legitimate style of game play in EVE period.


You sir, have learned to EVE.


I think my fellow HS’ers should read and understand the 8 Golden Rules for Eve Online. Especially that last one. Please, quit coming to the forums to make post about how unfair this… that… or the other is.

Plus, if you quit trying to live within 5 jumps of Jita you might have the peace you want. Yeah, you might not be an ISK billionaire as fast as you want. But like RL, there are tradeoffs to choices you make.


He had to amend his statements cause 2-3 Devs literally Gibb’s smacked the crap out of him like he was 1 day old Dinozo.


Occasionally a high-sec miner makes it into a GM position, and thinks that they finally have the power to “change” the game’s rules to “how they should be.”


Ganking is by itself an exploit. They just don’t ban people over it because it would displease the ganking comunity.
Pulling CONCORD is also an exploit. The GM was right.
This is one of the rare instances where a GM dared to step out of line to do the right thing, but thet silenced him.

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By your posting history around here I know you’re trolling, but I’m curious as to how you’d logically support the argument that ganking is an exploit.