Structure snatchers are the devil! Bad mechanic... Sad!

So earlier this week I lost my 4B Azbel in high sec to the character Ito Clone. Here’s the story:

So I was warned about this guy by others in the system that he was structure snatcher but I didn’t want to wait yet another week to pull it down due to a busy schedule. So I AFK while online most of the day on Monday cloaked so he won’t know when I’m active.

So I come back and get my freighter out of station about 2 minutes before it unanchors. I warp my freigher to a 250k perch and align to the structure so i can insta-warp to it once it finishes in a few moments. It finishes and I start warping, while at the same time and as I half-expected, the guy uncloaks in an orca and lands literally 2s before I do and scoops the structure right in front of me, then warps off to a safe and logs.

So you could say this is all my fault since I had intel on him and should have tried to out-wait him another week. Since I knew he was probably going to steal it, i could have waited in a PvP ship and blasted him after he scooped it but which would ultimately be pointless because I would likely lose the Azbel to the loot fairy.

Even if I had others waiting around to blap him, he was far off aligning to the structure which makes it unlikely anybody could have stopped him in time before he landed on the structure and scooped it, therefore relegating the structure to the loot fairy.

Lastly, its not clear that the structure will spawn within range to scoop immediately after the undock from the Azbel… hence why I used a perch. That would have been the ideal, but I didn’t want to chance it that it would be out of range after undocking and needing to slow-boat to it while a hostile orca is trying to steal it.


Is the scoopable structure within range after undocking from it in a freighter? Why are non-corp members able to scoop my structure immediately after it finishes? I’m sure it was hilarious for that guy, but it is really frustrating.

Son, I was doing this to large faction towers when you were just a twinkle in the postman’s eye.



There’s your problem


Yes I’m currently living in high-sec. No biggie.

Why? This happens in null sec as well? looks at the 2 Athanors and 1 Raitaru that he snatched a while ago

This is a game. That window of vulnerabily is completely intended. There is suppose to be some risk when decommissioning a structure that other players can try to take it from you. Otherwise, what is the point of this game if you can never lose anything?

This window of opportunity serves as a conflict and content creator. Now, unlike a few months ago, that the thief goes suspect and is forced to risk an expensive industrial ship, there are so many things you can do other than just try to race them. I won’t lecturer you on what you could have done different, but there were plenty of options other than take a risk when you knew he was camping you.

You had a choice, took a risk and lost this time. That’s Eve. Give the man his ‘gf’ for having the patience to wait out your misdirection and the reaction time to snag the prize. I’m sure if you had to do it again, you would do something different and could counter his strategy so it’s not like anything is broken here. You just were outplayed this time.


So is a bad way to start sentences, so it is.


It’s his fill word. Don’t be too harsh on this most of us have one or more. Usually it doesn’t get typed but meh.

So what did you learn? Also props to the the theif this is some next level autism waiting an unknown amount of time to scoop a structure. Or did they change something to make the timer public?

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Ach was just messin, so I was.


So not cool dude :wink:


Wow! I didn’t know about this feature, but it’s awesome! Good job CCP!


Sorry you lost your structure, but don’t you feel this added excitement to the game?

As a future tip, he probably was clued to the fact that you warped your freighter. Maybe have him sit on the perch for a couple of days so the thief gets bored and isn’t paying attention?

Also, you can stop and restart unanchoring so he’ doesn’t know when the 7 days will be up.

It’s not that somebody stole it, its that its almost impossible to stop someone from doing so. Sure I could have killed his orca but then you’ll probably end up losing the structure anyways. It’s not really fair to structure owners.

Even with a defense fleet he was 100s of km away already aligned so he would have landed and scooped it before he could be destroyed. Even if he was, anybody can troll the structure owners easily by capturing their structure then have it destroyed due to loot mechanics.

A simple change is to just give the structure owners a little bit of time to scoop it before its open game, or at least, show exactly where it will despawn.

This helpless victim routine where you act like there’s just no way to protect your stuff is really pathetic and contemptible.


Weeping and gnashing of teeth belongs in C&P.


You poor fella you had absolutely no way of preventing this loss. /s :facepalm:

What i dont understand is, why werent you waiting on top of the unanchoring citadel from the get go? Why did you go to the trouble of warping to it in the first place?


Like, what so you mean by bad?

–Gadget grins

In that, so, as it is to say, doesn’t make it so, eh.


–Not-so-millennial Gadget

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