Hello togehter.

I copy my forum post here because I see the topic as important and it is very disadvantageous for small corps with few members or beginners.

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I want to get straight to the point!

I think it is made too easy for players to steal Upwell structures. <<<

Excample: A POS needs few minutes for unachoring and a ZITA 7 days for unachoring.

  1. It is very very easy for thiefs to check out the system for these and looking to the unanchoring time!!!

  2. It is also easy because it needs not very much cargo.

  3. The thief needs not a player-corp only a npc-corp and so we can not declare war to him.

  4. The thief need only a alt-char with minimum skill and you never see him again for fight him.

…can write more negatives…

What can I do about it as an individual ? NOTHING!!!

I mean these is simple not ok. We are talking about at least 700-800m up to several b ISK which can be easily stolen within seconds without having to do anything afterwards.

“I like EVE very much. I like the varied and dangerous world but please you must thinking about these scenario”

It can not be so easy for thiefs !!! <<<

Please do not dual-post in a separate forum category :roll_eyes:

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You do not need multiple threads for the same topic. Thread closed.

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