The distruction of structures


A nut Idea but need strong well to do so.

What do u think about a massive war in highsec to destroy all the structures in it
that ownd by players to sink ISK and gain wealth.

That include all the POS that in there and POCO.

Just clean stuff cause there is a lot of stuff abandond.

Then declare war against those structure holders and destroy the structures. Or are you not competent enough to do it?

All it needs are 3 Algoses and some time.

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Sounds like an excellent idea. Go form a corp, recruit some additional members and have fun. Keep us posted on your progress.


So like a “The Purge” in space?

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I can already see the masses forming up to begin the largest destruction of ISKs in high-sec EVE has ever seen … and 5 minutes into the first structure bash has everyone run off to gank some miners.


Not in a hurry to try structure bashing with my -10 characters.

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Being that it is Friday when RL Noragen finishes work today I will be writing up a post about this stuff

Unfortunately the Citadel mechanics are setup in a way that makes it completely impossible to kill such a structure if you have a social life or even just a job.

With POS or POCO you could at least kill one over the weekend.

It is sadly another big slice of content just removed without an actual replacement.


Considering how many of them die every day, it’s a little bit of an exaggeration. You can even figure out the rough timers without having to shoot the structure or declare war first, unlike with pocos (which coincidentally also have the random +/-2 hours timer thing that structures now have). And POS can be stronted for so long that you shoot it on Friday and it comes out on Monday.

You just need to start doing it and see how it goes. Like these people, for instance.

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The problem is the last timer they can pick on their own. If they chose it wisely it’s in the middle of the week in a weird timezone so it is very unlikely that anyone even has time to play then. This is called timezone tanking. I don’t say it is impossible, but you really really have to invest a lot of effort do destroy that station and put the game first. Maybe you think that’s fine, maybe it is, what I say is POS did not work that way and it was possible to remove them over a weekend even as a casual gamer and that content is now gone.

No, the maximum timer is 41.7h. If you shoot the POS on Friday evening you are guaranteed to have the final conflict during the weekend.

I think CCP completely forgets that people don’t just have unlimited time and that such game mechanics have to be built in a way that a normal human being with a social life and a job can participate in it. Otherwise it’s just a wasted effort and only a fraction of the userbase has actually access to it.

And I did not even mention asset safety yet. So all that additional work you don’t even have the chance of getting any loot. With an abandoned POS you had a good chance getting some nice stuff out of it if the owner did not manage to evacuate it first.

You can figure that timer out, however, with a ship scan. If it is out of your timezone, you just ignore the structure or you ask friends/other like-minded people to do that structure for you. It is annoying, yes, I agree with that, but that’s CCP’s understanding of forcing player cooperation. With the older structures, you have to declare war first to figure out the timer (or can you cargo scan a POS stick?), which means you need to commit before you know what’s going on and how the timers are.

There are issues with the new timer system, though, that’s correct. More often than not they end up ridiculously long if you attacked at the wrong moment.

Granted, these juicy jackpots are just as rare as finding a POS with a filled ship maintenance bay. I don’t see an issue with that. Most POS these days are just abandoned sticks without any loot. If you are lucky they are cluttered with worthless POS modules that you can scoop and salvage now for a lot of PI materials. POCOs have never dropped any loot regardless of how much stuff people forgot in their poco hangars. Abandoned structures are just like that and also just drop worthless PI-material generating modules.

70 ppl and 30 minuts to RF structures via drone only.

Hint: you can use more than one drone per ship. Upgrading to drones better than T1 light drones and selecting ships with a drone DPS bonus also helps.

Edit: since I’m in a good mood today I’ll even point out that the damage limit on the smallest structures is 5000 HP/s with 20% resists, so you need to bring a little more than 6000 DPS. You can also bring less, but then it will take longer to chew through the buffer, just make sure to bring more than the minimum required to stop the repair timer.

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Join Wrecking Machine. They do what you dream of:

I’m actually OK with the current combat time settings. Aggressors can’t set a time/day the defenders cannot form up during, and large structures can’t be completely TZ tanked. Raitaru tier structures can be TZ tanked much more effectively.

What’s missing is a loot incentive to hit structures.

Kill a 3b freighter and on average you get 1b in loot or so. Kill an 11b freighter, get 5b (typically, variance will hose you sometimes)

Kill a 3b structure, and you get almost nothing. Kill an 11b structure, you still get almost nothing.

Contrast to the old POSes, where you could kill one and then find out it had 50b worth of materials and blueprints in it, and get to loot half of them.

There’d be a lot more structures dying even with current TZ rules if aggressors had a chance to reap rewards. At the moment, HS structure battles only occur over moon control, trade hub control, grudges, or (occasionally) over system indexes.


Except those structures never had those blueprints in them in highsec. Because they could run them out of a nearby station with an office and remotely access them.
You are confusing WH POS with HS POS here.

These Jackpots don’t exist

That was most likely rmt since all toons had no kb prior…
Besides those citadels were all in the delivery thing for contracts. Stuff in hangars don’t appear or drop

Considering that I just linked such a structure, they do exist.
Considering that the stuff was listed as dropped, they dropped. As far as I know, things in the industry queue drop upon destruction.
If this had to do with RMT, it would be an extremely dumb way to do RMT because you would put those things in the hangar and asset safety them instead of destroying the running jobs.
Considering that salvaging structure wrecks nets you hundreds of millions to double digit billions in slavage and PI materials from salvaging the wreck, the jackpots exist.

RMT kills work by Character A doing something ‘Stupid and risky’ and character B just ‘happening to get lucky in targetting character A’.
It’s a method of laundering.
It’s a poor one since it creates logs for CCP to investigate easily via the KM’s of course.

Lol, I would love to see the low power stations knocked out.