So, what's up with the fragility of structures?

As an industrialist, I’d love to put up a Raitaru with an invention lab. I had a small POS years ago, and ran this way for months.

I was planning out my little structure tonight when I decided to check out the killboards to see what the situation was really like in high-sec, and… it’s insane.

Two guys in battleships are taking down fully-militarized Astrahuts. It looks like it’s become an industry of its own – log on, go blow up structures in high-sec.

The new structures look really cool, but… it’s like putting all your good stuff in a piñata and handing some bullies a stick.

Those structures were more than likely either abandoned, or under a wardec. Take me, for example. I left for about a year, came back a week ago, and my Raitaru had been nuked by two players. That’s what I get for just leaving it out there undefended. If you have a station, it’s up to you to defend it. Structures like Raitaru’s and whatnot are best to own only if you have a corp with actual players who will be online to defend it.


If your structure isn’t publicly open, then it won’t appear on people’s overview.

So if you anchor it at a safe spot randomly in space, rather than on grid with something else, it’s going to go unnoticed for the most part.

Wardecs were changed to make them structure based, but there is still a significant spam of structures to attack, so if you put one up, people won’t come looking specifically for it unless you tick them off.

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Lone Astras are very easily killed by any half decent force. They require back up in the form of a defense fleet to stand a chance.

If anything, structures are not easy enough to kill. If it is fueled it has an extra reinforcement timer, giving plenty of time in advance to form up a defense. Also people timezone tank by setting the vulnerability window to either their timezone or one where almost no-one is online.

Most of the structures killed by a couple of battleships probably deserve to die as their owners left them to rot.


It’s not really a loot piñata. Your stuff is (almost) 100% safe:

They are different now. POSes, at least the large ones, did have more HP to grind down, but people were still soloing/duo boxing that back in the day. The Upwells have way more timers instead of EHP which scales differently, but still requires some time to attack. POSes did have the benefit you could completely dodge a war by taking it down during the war warm-up, but Upwells also force more commitment on the attackers side with warp-scram timers.

They are probably slightly easier to explode if undefended, while harder/more riskier to exploded while defended. They traded the ability to dodge a war for asset safety and its 100% magic safety for almost all of your stuff. If anything, they still probably too favourable for the defender, at least from a content generation perspective.

Just try one. Things have changed, but highsec is still overrun with Upwells that are never attacked. Or live out of someone else’s - they also can be opened to the public.


Also if not mentioned. You now need to man them to engage attackers, it is not automatic. Once manned and fitted you can mess up their very quickly. Which is better.

AFK structures should be popped.

With two RR alts taking down a POS was easy… the issue was… it took foreever alone.


Taking down a high power structure in highsec is a lot of work for little reward. You need to shoot it 3 times (shield, armor, hull) for 30 minutes each over the span of a week and all you get is salvage - everything of value is protected by asset safety.

Create a holding corp for your structure (an Alpha can be CEO), put it in an inconspicuous spot in a backwater system and keep it private.


Go look up the stats on station defenses…they will ruin your day. If you spend billions to build a manufacturing location, spend the money to put up defenses and keep it fueled.

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