Skill plan for Raitaru defense?

(Dos Bek) #1

I’m going to build an alt (or two) whose sole purpose will be Raitaru and/or Astrahus defense.

Still doing basic learning about defending these structures but would like to get started on a new alt solely for this purpose.

Input please and thank you.

(lost packet) #2

Structure Defensive Systems
Structure Electronic Systems
Structure Engineering Systems
Structure Missile Systems

All you need.

(Dos Bek) #3

Thank you.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #4

Yeah as I recall, your drone skills/fighter skills are not applied to citadel fighters so it is only the starbase skills.

(lost packet) #5

Correct fighter skills don’t come into play when launched from citadels.

(Dos Bek) #6


I can read.

Don’t see “Structure Defensive Systems” in skill list.

(Inactive Seller) #7

Interestig, i dont know that skills.

Any link to check for fits for defense raitarus / astrahus ?

Iam not the OP but have now some Astrahus in high and null sec, and one raitaru. Used primarly for compressing, refining and medium ships or capital parts.

(Sequester Risalo) #8

I tried to Launch fighters the other day and it did not work. Are you sure about this?

(Shiloh Templeton) #9

Structure skills are mainly cap related so you can keep things running for a long time.

Unlike a POS, the key to citadel defense is the ships you have outside the citadel. By itself about the only thing it can kill is the random SB who shoots out of boredom.

Spend time thinking of your defense fleet, asset evac, or who you’re going to call for help.

(Abyss Azizora) #10

Fighters can not be launched from a citidel in highsec. Only in WH/Lowsec/Nullsec. Devs don’t want citadels to be able to defend themselves in highsec, you need massive fleets.

(Inactive Seller) #11

anyway, for a single man, a fortizar can be durable, i assume… an contrct mercs if needed