Defending a structure is a total b******t!

I know, it was already and I know I should have the fleet to defend a structure but… what is the point that you can fit a missiles launcher but can’t even kill 1 (one!) cruiser? I’m not saying that you should defend alone but at least make some damage like destroying one ship that attacker bears some cost of the attack. It’s like giving a structure for free and you can do a s***t.
It’s not balanced.

Is this High Sec?

Yes, it is.

I have noticed that too. Its like the station missiles do not do anything at all, almost. This was with a station in hsec, are the same station armaments more effective in low, null and wh space? I was shooting at npc’s in hs. 2 kestrels that regularly decide to shoot at the station, hardly doing any damage but have never been able to kill 1 with station missiles.

Maybe you are using it wrong?

Ping me ingame if you would like to learn more. I got a lot of kills recently with fleets that even had logi. It is all about fitting a structure properly, using the right missiles, applying the right ewar to the right ship and scram at the right moment to maximize damage output to pop a ship. Donmt forget the fighters.

I am talking about using astras here.

And also… Dont neglect your own skill for structure cap, defense and offense.


I have a raitaru (or had in a few days). Multirole launcher with 3 kinds of missiles. Warp disruptor, webifier, energy neutralizer, stable. Enemy 3 T1 cruisers and one T2. So I was assuming that if I neutralize and scramble one ship I could destroy it but none of the missiles make damage. On paper like 400 dps - 1500-2000 hp but the real damage 50 max 100. Wtf.

Sounds like you were using cruise missles.

In any event. Your skills also impact your ability to use a structure.

Were they speed-tanking your missiles? You can destroy an Astrahus with like 2 bombers if it’s not being defended by ships on the field. You can stay out of range of the tackle and speed-tank the missiles with the proper setup.

If they were using cruisers, they could also mitigate the missile damage by anchoring and traveling at 95% of their maximum speed or so (there is some speed loss due to entropy, so the anchor should travel slightly under the speed of the slowest group member). Plus the chain-RR would take care of the rest.

What you might’ve been doing improperly is splitting up your modules on the wrong targets. While you’re focusing damage on one, the e-war should be directed at others in order to minimize their RR potential. Some targets getting neutralized, some getting ECM applied, etc. Don’t just dump all your mods on the thing you’re trying to kill.

In general, the new system is indeed pretty stupid, and was created by CCP to try to force players into big, headline-making fights. This had the effect of always making it a numbers game, and forcing players to blob up for collective defense. If you’re outnumbered and/or outgunned, there’s very little you can do to protect yourself from a siege.


Well, I have one more try so I will spread my warfare to different targets and see what happens. It’s only a game. I’ll learn something but it would be more fun if I could destroy at least one ship :slight_smile:

Mail me in-game with what war it is. Maybe I can offer some further help/advice.

They made these garbage changes to High Sec War Dec years ago. A POS should not be a requirement for High Sec wars. There is no good way to balance this other than removing a stupid mechanic.

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Defending a structure alone against 4 enemies is still a 1v4 fight.

Structures are not a solo asset.


He is learning that lesson the hard way :slight_smile:

Structure is a good force multiplier, but you need a force to multiply

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