Station Buffs/Bashing and the Industrial Impact

Will the smaller stations be receiving buffs any time soon?

I ask because the dps and health are very low for the smaller stations. When the war dec changes come, station bashing will be the flavor of the game for the foreseeable future.

Will the mobile compression array be brought back? Will another way to reprocess ores at a higher then NPC rate be brought into the game, that is not a player station? Will there be a way to research/manufacture at a higher then NPC rate, that is not a player station?

Are the coming war dec changing going to shift the problems from the war dec corps, to all the indy players that use player stations to play?

Bigger citadels exist. They have bigger pools.

More raits and astras dying is a good thing. If it actually happens… which I honestly do doubt.

Probably not.

Remember that stuff in a citadel isn’t lootable. They won’t wardec you just to bash your citadels. They’ll wardec you to kill your ships.


Wardec business will mostly die, only a few people enjoy bashing structures. Regarding the other questions, player structures are the only way forward, expect more nerfs to NPC services. Regarding the repro array … I‘m pretty sure it has already its reprocessing rate adapted, so you get 100% of the minerals back with max skills. I can check tomorrow.

Yes bigger stations are 9 time the cost and not 9 times better.
Athanor- one missile launcher, 3 medium, 1 low, 1B isk
Tatara- 3 launcher, 4 medium, 3 low, 4 fighter tubes, 9B

There needs to be a middle choice.
Station bashing has already ramp up. It is not a good thing if there is not a reasonable place for indy players to interact with station.

What is the old saying, “I am not here to ruin the game, I just here to ruin your game.” Players will attack anything weaker to just pad their zkillboard and ruin someone else game too.

So here we are as foretold.

If you cannot defend a structure in highsec, then you shouldn’t construct one. Higher rates than NPC stations should not be available for people who are not capable of defending said structures.

Please, use the power of friendship to organize yourself in bigger corps. Instead of having all these 1 to 5 man corps spewing structures all over the place.

Structures being a premium, which is obtained by corps capable of defending themselves, is a good thing and provides a purpose to the wardec system in highsec.

While the above would be the ideal, it’s actually still unsure whether structure bashing is going to be a thing, since apparently no one really wants to structure bash in highsec cause it’s quite the grind.

So we just have to wait and see for the changes to hit TQ. See if people actually are going to wardec to take down structures or if this rampant structure spam is going to continue.


I used to enjoy taking down old unfuelled POSs, doing my bit to clean-up space with the chance of some long-forgotten loot in the arrays and labs. I won’t be taking down new structures because of timers. They are anti-fun.

It is definitely a good thing.

Either defend your structures or use someone elses.


9 times the base cost is not 9 times the cost for a structure. The fuel costs are the same for the same service and over time the fuel costs become your main cost.

The highsec issue is two fold.
It’s too easy to put one up in highsec and not enough die. (due to timers being far longer in high).
And you dont get enough bonus for them given they are harder to defend in highsec as you dont get any aoe or multi target defence.

Change the highsec timers to be far shorter like null and you reduce the tedium if you plan your attack well. And increasing the industry bonuses closer or matching null makes them worth more and gives sufficient bonuses to offset the system index penalty for concentrating your corp.

Null still would have significant advantages due to easier material access and isk making potential plus aoe weapons making it still a superior choice for any sov holding empires to base their structures in null for the most part.

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Shrug, if you don’t want a bigger hp pool, don’t drop a bigger structure. Bear in mind that by virtue of DPS caps, it won’t really make much of a difference what the hp pool is. The advantage to the bigger structures is better defenses… but ultimately, your best defense is a fleet.

A “middle choice” affords you virtually no new flexibility. Your small structures are cheap enough that they can be spammed. That’s good enough.

While I 100% agree some players (myself included) get off on inflicting losses, you have to consider that it’s really not worth the time. Killing structures is mindless boring work. I only show up to structure bashes when they’re strategic ops (and leadership knows this, which is why we don’t bash structures unless there’s a strategic need to do so).

As @Maekchu said, if you can’t defend it then don’t anchor it. Eve isn’t supposed to be fair, if they bring a bigger fleet than you do, expect it to die. That’s the beginning and end of that.

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Destroyed structures, including old POS, should drop salvage materials.

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No high sec corps but a very few can defend themselves from a 800 character null sec alliance. Which the issues that I am seeing first hand right now.

Structure bashing is already a thing. If you look at zkillboard 6 stations per day on a slow day are being lost in high sec. A busy day in high sec for station bashing is 20+. So station bashing is very much a thing right now.

The new timer system is joke. It is very siding with the attackers.

The issue becomes who stations do you use when there are little to none to use?

The very small isk investment to get a run at a full fitted station against a very weak corp. We all know it is worth it. A 100% kill guarantee for less then 4 fleets?

Once again i will say I believe this will be a bigger issue after the war dec change come. I can’t wait to see next year how many kills a corp with a station gets compared to the corp that is war decing them.

So you are telling me that highsec corps needs to cooperate more to compete with bigger entities? Oh no, the horror!

It’s good that structure bashing is a thing. And it really needs to be more a thing, to force some alliance building in highsec.

Also, little to no stations in highsec? Are we playing the same game? Are you somehow on another shard where this structure spamming is not a thing?

I think at this point it’s clear to see you just want more safety, but you don’t want to put in the work in building relations with other players.

The initial rework was not even released, before these carebears are crying for even more nerfs.


If you want High sec corps to grow and co-operate, you need the highsec structures to have competitive bonuses that actually allow them to grow and co-operate. The high sec ‘bonuses’ get very quickly over run by the system index increases caused by concentrating industry. Which means you actually get punished and become worse off by working together.

As for little to no stations, go read the post again, it’s clear they were talking about player structures, not NPC stations, though I would like fewer NPC stations in high that are available to players (Maybe a few neutral stations where agents are and all the rest are standings dependant)

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They could buff the industry structures, but I don’t really have the data to make an objective decision on that. That doesn’t really change that fact, that highsec corps could definitely be better at building stronger and bigger organizations.

Yes, I know we are talking about player structures and they are spammed across eve. Reducing their numbers, would actually make them interesting, cause it means objectives to fight over and true value for people who can defend them.

What??? You are saying the the Goon CSM is coming for your broker’s fees and industrial taxes? Conspiracy!!!

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I believe that once the December patch comes out, that ties war decs to stations. A lot stations will be unanchored or if they are killed they will not be replaced. I am already starting to see the issue. In high sec, there is serious issue with find well fitted stations for certain parts of the indy chain.

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Really, How?
How do you build a large group when the game gives you no benefits and actively penalises you for concentrating your players in such a way in highsec.

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That is the issue. Very few corps that are killing stations are killing them to drive out a competitive station and drop a station to server the region. The corps that are killing stations are just killing stations for no reason other then to kill them. This is an issue I have been seeing first hand since late summer or early fall.

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Tonight I watch one alliance that is 800+ characters attack multiple high sec stations at once. All the stations are owned by smaller corps 20 character and less. So yes big null sec alliances are making moves in high sec. Why they are I have no clue but things are getting weirder in high sec.

Tell me the corps name’s.


The people that defend them. Or the wardeccers themselves.
If all structures in hi-sec are destroyed by wardeccers, I’ll give you my entire wealth and start again from a noob ship.

The wardec changes actually changes nothing for structure owners. There is nothing that can happen after the changes that was not already possible today. You’re fears are entirely unfounded.

Because for some reason everyone tells you why they attack structures…