I recall a time

When any hisec structures would be cleared out with wars - now they kinda everywhere… how things have changed… thought it be an interesting convo…

And yet looking over zkillboard so many gangkers taking the easy kills in hisec, kinda imbalanced aint it?

be good be safe

There was no such time. In fact it used to be much worse; so much worse that they had to add “cores” a year or two ago to provide additional incentive for mercs to shoot all these stations littering high-sec.

But the fact of the matter is that shooting stations is boring, and even with cores hardly profitable, with medium structures usually dropping less than a billion’s worth of loot that needs to be split between multiple participants grinding down 3 timers over the course of a week. It’s dogshit gameplay that becomes only marginally tolerable during the rare instances where some kind of drama is involved (like the recent war in Minmatar space).


incorrect, been playin since the beginning on and off - boredom really - many kill mails of structures ie pos going down… now silence… just structures purring away…

agreed on the mechanics behind it - not that efficient…

I’m sure you’re an expert in the field.

Sigh lol was waitin on that - lolol I say nuffin - alts are just awesome - aint it… sigh… some seem bright and then…ugh… silly billy, sooo wanna yap yap about pos killmails and so on? or focus on the imbalance? oh wait competing with ego - yeah that aint happening - ta ta


EVE is a PvP/Sandbox game. That means the players can do whatever they like to the limits of game mechanics. If players want to do easy kills it doesn’t mean there’s an imbalance in the game.

The will of the players can’t be nerfed :laughing:

Imbalance were probably the wrong word to use I guess - apologies for that, Most gangkers seem to be alts - most victims of ganking seem to be newbro… That dunno to look at local or even who the gangkers are - but then again it keeps botters away - so all for it.

These stations everywhere though - it freaky…

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Well, I have an absolutely crazy suggestion, I am sure never ever anyone has thought about:

What if any Structure would require a gravitational Anchor, like a Moon (or Planet or Star if you will), to be anchored? Think about it, anchoring places would be very limited, thus creating conflict over the best places. It would also limit power ceilings by preventing an Alliance crowding a specific System with cheap Structures (aka structure spam) just to put boring grind on the shoulders of any possible invader. And last but not least it would give the defender of a system a significant defenders advantage because he blocks all possible anchoring places. Of course he would need to fund that, but then any attacker who would want a foothold to dock in there would first need to win at least some structure fights to free one to anchor his own structure. How great would that be? Why has never anyone thought about it? Ohhh… wait…


That depends on how you view alts. One account is allowed 3 characters so really one could say that EVE is a game of alts vs alts. Not getting into multiple accounts and countless alts, which of the characters in any account isn’t an alt? Arbitrarily one could choose but to the outsider a toon is a toon is a toon… so all characters are alts to me and their history is as different as the holder chooses them to be. One will be a miner, the other a mission runner and that one will PvP…

seem is the keyword. We don’t know, CCP won’t tell and I don’t care to know. But Newbros getting ganked is good. It says everything there is to know about playing EVE. I got ganked a few times and it did me a whole lot of good :smiley::smile:


lol think we all been ganged somewhere someday… the point is this I think these HS athanors and so on need to be made easier viable targets - so that gangkers have something else to do - It just becomes boring same old same old - so just throwing out there - lets keep the trai rolling…

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:smile: Gankers gank. That’s about all they do. There’s Faction Warfare for them to do, too, but that’s in LowSec so it’s technically not ganking but still PvP.

I think most belong to large alliances with corporations whose members gank in HighSec among other things. They wouldn’t attack their alliances’ stations. And there’s a lot of politics involved in all that and maybe also restrictive mechanics. I don’t think it’s as simple as making them more vulnerable. But I truly don’t know. I don’t have the time or the patience to get involved into the game as deep as I’d want.

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Most small corps that just would like to have a structure to operate and build some stuff in would disagree, they are already “free loot” for the big wardec corps. I bet they would even ask to greatly buff these stations so they have at least a chance to fight back when attacked by overwhelming forces. Like the old POS for example, they did defend on themselves, easily repelling anything below 20 attackers just on their own and negating a complete logi wing when manned with gunners,

Because killing structures requires such ridiculous coordination and time organization… not to mention that Keepstars in highsec have no real counter available (Dreads, carriers, etc…), which should make them illegal in highsec.

'bUt BaTtLeShIpS!! :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :drooling_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Capitals in Highsec, CCP. It’s time. Titans, ok keep out… but the rest should be in Highsec. It. Is. Time.

Anything above an M-Structure should be illegal in HighSec, L-Structures should be the biggest in LowSec and XL-Structures should be reserved for Sov-NullSec. Pretty simple, people and groups should get more and bigger options the more they venture away from HighSec.


Why gankers?

Why not:

  • so that miners have something else to do?
  • so that explorers have something else to do?
  • so that haulers have something else to do?
  • so that mission runners have something else to do?
  • so that incursion runners have something else to do?
  • etc.

The answer is always the same and if you’d been around since the start you’d know it already. Gankers don’t shoot structures for the same reason miners, etc. don’t shoot structures - because that’s not the play they find interested and engaging.

They gank and making structures easier to kill doesn’t replace ganking as an attractive gameplay to them.


At this point the dude must be trolling… We removed about 150 structures last month.

Here is s short of it.

From highsec with love #shorts - YouTube

Yes the groups name is PARABELLUM.



Maybe I noticed - maybe I noticed other regions and what going on… so u done trolling yet? lol

This is the way

just like ores and moon mining right…