High Sec the New Renter's Space

In the pass two weeks I have noticed a disturbing trend in one of the many Regions I operate in.

Every corporation in the area was War Dec. Now I am not talking about a larger High Sec corp War Dec others to kill ships, I am talking a 800+ character Null Sec Alliance fielding over 200+ ships at once to attack multiple stations at once.

So today I decided to warp around New Eden to see if the local trend was holding true for other Regions in New Eden. Guess what I found? That is right multiple large Alliances/Corps are War Dec almost everyone with any structures just to kill the structures.

After seeing this trend repeat itself in multiple Regions, I decide to reach out to some of those large Alliances/Crops to find out the motivation behind it. While one of the Alliance/Corp said it was because the want to control the stations that are anchored. The other Alliance/Corp said that they are going to use the new War Dec system as a tool to extort isk from renters. The thing that bothered me the most is that neither group plans to put down new stations to replace the infrastructure that is being killed.

I understand that New Eden is a sandbox but I just don’t see how turning High Sec into renters space is a good move for the game or for High Sec.

If High Sec Corps are forced to pay extortion isk. What will happen to game? What will happen when new players see that CCP allows extortion aka strong arm robbery in the game? What will happen to High Sec when little to no player infrastructure is there to support players or smaller corps?

While I hope I am wrong about what is going to happen, everything is pointing in this direction at the moment.

I think Eve Online’s players should stop asking themselves if they can do it but instead ask themselves if they should do it.


Boycot player owned stuctures.


Build in npc stations like we did before citadels. In all honesty there’s nothing to do yes extortion for letting highsec citadels live is becoming a thing on the other hand no one is stopping you from being creative and taking revenge on their members best way you can and I don’t mean just blowing them up.This year maybe they shoot your highsec citadel in 2 years maybe you transffer their staging keepstar to their enemies


band enough people in hisec and go after the structures in low and null.

Since CCP is trying to encourage these top alliances to accept corps, and not just individual pilots, set it up so eventually one gets a spy corp, drop a structure, and cause the alliance to be put in a war with someone.


It’s either worth it, or it’s not. Don’t be a baby. Do the math.

If it’s not worth it, use a station.

It really is that simple.


Its ok wardecs are gonna get nerfed soon!


As another player discussed above, think creatively. Theres more than one way to hammer a nail into a board.

I prefer to use nail guns, personally.


I wouldn’t actually call it a nerf. Yea it’s gonna eliminate the blanket decs, but you can only start a war if you have a structure, and if the corp you want to war with has one… and the only way to end it, is for a structure to explode into tiny space pixels.

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Have you tried talking to them more? I find that talking to people solves a lot of problems.


Tried that before, assholes just wanted to extort money, because they lost over a bil in the last war they were in… so they targeted my lil tiny corp. either war, or they wanted 2 billion isk.

Have you tried promising to pay them money and then doing nothing?


I didn’t have 2 bil to give them… barely a bil… so i did the meta and so did the 2 other members… we logged off… unfortantely, they didn’t log back in.

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thats bad meta gaming in my opinion


No, you obviously don’t.


The nullsec illuminati used their tame CSM shills to persuade CCP that wardecs should be limited to those with structures in order to extort hisec players wanting a structure into become pets.


More seriously, the celebration by some over the proposed stopgap change was premature and naive, there is always going to be someone that uses such a change to rain terror on others.

People should be careful what they wish for, they might just get it.


Wardecs will be nerfed

I, for one, support the nullsec blobs in their efforts to take out the trash in hisec. Hisec is a â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  junkyard.


Extortion has always been a lucrative thing in eve. The reason for extortion changes with new updates or rule changes. The latest fad is due to the war dec changes. There are ways around it, same as there has always been. Some years ago, extortion was my only income, the interaction from which, has laid the foundation for some great friendships. I’m not so active on the extortion front in recent years but i am always looking for the next thing. Such is eve. If you cant protect it, you should ask yourself if you should have it in the first place.


I still see tons of spammed structures all over gallente space. Overview is crowded so hard, that sometimes you need to turn off visibility of player owned structures there… Often in low power mode. If someone want to clean the mess - good thing. If they are only after structures, that are really used… Well that is sad, because what makes high sec so special is that you see much more other, foreign players there. Less support for them means less life in high sec and that will make game more dull. Cause those players will not go to null, they will just leave the game.

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It’s the way of the goons “We are not here to ruin your game, We are here to ruin everyone’s game”
Basically to eliminate this start taking structures down now before the change if you don’t have the means to protect it, this ruins their good time.
Having a structure is a chore anyway.

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