High Sec the New Renter's Space

Yeah, the new WarDec trend brought to hi-sec some of 0.0 cancerous concepts. It’s a Faceless Era in EVE, where The Judge can have a character in NC. and GigX clone can print ISK with his Carrier in renter Delve space, if they want. There aren’t personalities under characters anymore - there are Skill Injectors and too many characters on Character Bazaar.

There were many not so bad suggestions about how to fix the broken WardDec, but I barely remember who offered officially to link WarDec to anchored structures only. Definitely it wasn’t a CCP idea and it was a plan behind it since these new Refinery were implemented to the game.

I can’t say about entire hi-sec, but I also checked like 4 or 5 Regions and I noticed similar events there. Since these new moons were implemented to hi-sec, special groups scanned them all to find the best one. There are systems and entire constellations with many good moons. Only those clusters are targets for different big entities currently. Systems with one-two moons are under control of different smaller entities right now. Their purpose is unclear: renting, concurrence, delivery advantages (for far situated in 0.0 entities), safe multi-boxing advantage.

What is the role of new WarDec into this mess? Some players can afford to omega or PLEX-omega multiple characters (3-10) by using 0.0 asset investments. A part of their characters are trained into background normally, while other part were bought on Character Bazaar and trained into Orca or Barge pilots mainly with simple SP queue or Skill Injectors. Hi-sec Exhumer pilot miners are main characters or the second-window ALTs for EVE hi-sec veteran players. Those Athanor/Tatar citadels are under some fictitious name of a big entity, which usually are playing the mercenary role. Hi-sec mercenaries can be in a different corporation even. The most interesting thing is that actually Orca miners are ALTs of the specified local fictitious corporation, but they stay in a NPC corporation to mine safely. Orcas were selected correctly, because they have high mining power, Mining Bursts, storage and anti-gank resilience versus small gangs. As soon you’ll jump to the belt and will try to mine something, few mercenary BS will undock and will mess with you. If you’ll try to shoot at miner’s drone, same will happen, because they are feel freely to trigger the suspect timer or to shoot at suspects. Some mercenaries are ALTs of local miners even. They can stay docked for 3 hours and will undock if something will happen into the belts.

Due to already explained cases, there isn’t a moon mining place in hi-sec for small groups. They can only ninja mining ore, which I recommend to do actively, with Barges and Frigates. To participate into hi-sec renting schemas is a total waste of time. It’s worth until you have like 5 ALTs and in this scenario better jump to 0.0, where the profit can be much higher. Also, it opens new PVP content for interested players - your miner ships can serve nice baits to trigger somebody’s suspect timer.

Who cares? Use an NPC station? You don’t actually need a station and this will confirm as CCP stands by that they care nothing for the majority of the players in EVE. They rolled out the Upwell structures with good intentions, but have not lived up to that vision.

This is a good thing, the faster CCP screws up EVE, the quicker PA will come in and create a much needed buffer between CCP and CSM. I would say high sec is the cash cow of EVE, so let’s wait to see what happens.

I would actually like to see a graph of the actual income generated for EVE from high, low and null, if there a way to separate that in the income statement. I know there are major whales in high sec and I assume in null as well, so it would be interesting to see a breakdown.

Soon you will be able to buy war dec free protection for 5.99/month, 4.99/3 months and 3.99 for 12 months. A war on high sec will not go over well with the new owners.

Somewhere around 70% of EVE’s players live in high, so that’s where the money is. Money that goes to CCP directly, I mean, like subs and plex purchases.

https://imgur.com/a/KOdub that is info from few years back but I don’t see the demographics being much different today.

Problem? :smiling_imp:

No really, is there a problem?

  • Extortion is legit gameplay that is part of the sandbox.
  • If one can’t defend their stuff they are not worthy of having it in the first place.
  • There are alternatives to having own structure(s) with some drawbacks of course but anyone can do the math which is worth it more.
  • Nobody is entitled to not be exposed to pvp, including their structures they might own, on the contrary it is part of having a structure to defend it if and when needed.

Nothing to see here it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what happens when you push the local bullies to the point they cba to play anymore. Now everyone gets to deal with the ones who don’t even live in highsec ;). Enjoy


In before rollback requests and new cries for additional nerfs.

Wait, too late.

Beds made, let the lying commence.

As someone else mentioned earlier in the thread, if you don’t have the means of protecting a station why have one in the first place?

Personally there were too many to begin with in highsec.


This isnt just hisec. This is all space. Doesn’t matter where you have a structure, you can and will be decked. If you have a poco in some obscure area of stain, you can be decced

The point still stands, if you can’t protect it, don’t put it up.

Edit- and in the near future this also applies to the wardeccers.


I think Tippia said it best.

If you don’t want to defend what you own, you don’t deserve it, and you will lose it


You plebs cried to have wars tied to structures

Enjoy getting wrecked by rentlords


Smart folks taking advantage of change, even if they hate the change itself.

The not so smart are still too busy celebrating it to do the same.

Working as intended.

He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them


Hmm… this does seem a bit out of balance. Definitely to many structures all over highsec. At the same time a lot of people that don’t own stuctures use them for industry, or a place to store ships and what not. Why put the structures in the game if only a select few will ever keep one going? Huge market in fuel, and structure mods will be gone.

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I have never used player owned structure or citadel and I produced many pirate cruisers and sold them with profit. So that is nothing really hard to survive without that optional part of a game CCP added just to make your casual life miserable. Its not like New Eden would collapse without you making 1000s of merlins.

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Expect structure owners to start charging more for these services, the operating costs just increased.

Merc corps may start offering defence services too.

Why put the structures in the game if only a select few will ever keep one going? Huge market in fuel, and structure mods will be gone.

Like caps they’re meant to be corporate alliance level assets, owners are meant to defend them. In addition they’re there to promote conflict, if anything the destruction of structures is good for the economy; because people will still want them regardless of any additional costs associated with the actions of other players.


Even with the complaints about the “abuse”, this change isn’t their final decision on the matter. It’ll change again in due time, and we’ll more than likely have the same complaints on whatever that change will be.

Either way, as mentioned above with merc corps offering defensive services the situation open a new market ripe for capitalizing on.

In the end, someone isn’t going to be happy.


It will balance out.

Citadels created a huge demand for fuel that will equalise again if most structures are destroyed. Same with structure build materials.

This just means billy-no mates-carebear won’t be able to spam structures without a care. The bad part is, the vast majority of hisec will become immune to wardecs. We’re pushing more and more people into corps with one person and their alts.

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One man and his alts has always been a thing used to stay somewhat under the radar, if anything I think that the stopgap change may well encourage more social gameplay amongst those who would have otherwise become somewhat solo; there now being no inherent danger in being in a larger corp unless they have a structure.

I stand to benefit from it in that less effort is required to avoid some of the predators, and I will take advantage of that while it remains in place.


Well won’t the new war dec system have to require both parties to have a citadel? I would think large corps and alliances would just take down the stations of these war deccing corps. On the other hand, I play solo in my own alliance and I was recently war decced by The Marmite Boneheads. I can’t see any reason why because I’m literally un-gankable with my 4 accounts and alts outside of the alliance. They obviously didn’t do their homework, but probably decced me soley for scanning a ship once with something of value.

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