Are they still griefing small high sec corps?

Old player been off for quite awhile, high sec carebear, with WH experience. I ran a long time with no implants so sp kinda low. Got tired of having war dec after war dec by gank teams in high sec. the acual ganking miners i get, and my first kill was while i was in a ret. that said the war dec styff was just too annoying. Are they still doing that crap? i cant see bringing back my 4 toons just to get bored with that stuff again.

HS is even safer now for your type so…


Wardecs now require both parties to own a structure in highsec (which is a good change imo). So if your corp has nothing up in space, you’re safe from wardecs.

you got a gf? cuz i think i love you lol i missed the game.
i may have to go lose a couple of miners in your honor thx.

I believe the defender can own a structure outside of HS too.

Ah, you’re correct. Any structure makes you war eligible.

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